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Week 7 Run 3 done.....

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Hi my fellow runners.....

So I've just done the last run of week 7 and today was actually the 1st time I ran at night and on the road.

Came in late from shopping but I had running on my mind as I should've ran yesterday. Anyway I decided to charge the phone up alittle and head out. Wasn't sure where I would run, just headed out to run. And run I did.

Didn't care less who saw me in my bright orange and grey fleece running jacket, purple reflective running leggins, blue and lime green trainers and purple bum bag. Not forgetting the black head warmer. There was no way I was getting knocked over tonight in all these colours.

Anyway I did the run, it was hard because I didn't know how far the 25 minutes would take me, whereas on the playing field I know it's a good 2 laps, so I have a goal.

In total I covered 2.4 miles. Average for me and I had about a 7 minute walk home at the end, so not bad at all.

I must say I enjoyed that run. Not too cold, not too many people on the streets. My feet got really heavy though mid way through. Maybe because I'm used to running on grass.

Happy days, on to Week 8 on Thursday now. Yikes.... only 6 runs left!

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Good for you Donna! Its nice when a run works out. Six runs left - you are close! 😀

Happy days indeed..😊

Love this.. *I had running on my mind*..I think that's true for a lot of us😄

Good plan..bright colours..be seen,be safe. I'm pleased you found a new route to run too, changes keep it fresh and interesting, more to look at and distract you.

Good luck with Week 8..nice and steady😊xx

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Well done!!! You are doing great 👍🏻

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Good work, Donna! (And great outfit, too). Lovely that you are enjoying your runs. 😘

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Very, very well done you. A happy run. :)

Try to make sure on those pavements you really land lightly...the pavement can, as you say be a little unforgiving after grass running :) Onward and upward!!

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The outfit sounds great and looks good too:)

Love that smile you look so chuffed with yourself. Well done and nearly there 😀

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You must have looked like a rainbow, running on the dark roads!!🌈 I too am thinking of starting running at night. It's either that or join a gym (hmph) - the mornings before are too dark. Can't say I'm looking forward to it but your post has given me incentive, Donna79 - thanks.

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Meant to say 'the mornings before WORK...' (doh - I need more sleep)!!!

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Donna, you are really almost there! Good job getting out an doing something new!

Did W7R3 last night too - and loved it!!! come on W8R1 - #bringiton :-)


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Great Job!!!!! :) 6 More runs!!!

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Well done! And what a great look ;-) Nothing can stop you from reaching graduation now!

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