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Week 1 Run 2

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I'm proud of myself for a few reasons today. No, I didn't complete the run, but I'm still pleased. First of all, I overcame a bit of a fight or flight reaction and got out there (in 28.9 degrees C [84 degrees F]). Secondly, I completed more of the running segments than on Sunday (I think I did 4 - one of those wasn't consecutively). I figured out that I was going too fast and so I slowed way down. When I couldn't run, I kept up my walking. Bottom line, I ran 917 meters (just over half a mile). That doesn't sound like much, but for a couch bunny, that's not too bad. While I realize that I have quite a long way to go before I can run that 5k, I'm happy to have seen improvement. I also recovered more quickly. I'll keep repeating week 1 until I can finish the running segments. I'll be back out on Thursday! ;)

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Good for you on many fronts! Slow is the name of the game, the slower the better and the sooner you realize that the better the running gets. Also really good on you for getting out there in the heat. I think it's really important to establish a routine for yourself early on, and not let heat/cold/rain/snow become an easy go-to excuse not to run. Of course, the flip side is to not beat yourself up if running is WAY harder in extreme weather - any effort is good effort. Keep up the good work.

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RunningForBrokeGraduate in reply to runswithdogs

Exactly! I don't want to have easy weather excuses. I think one of the best things so far for me is that I really want to like this. I think that will prove to be the first step toward loving running throughout my life. I just have to push through the hardest weeks first!

Well done, I'm same stage as you, did my W1R2 yesterday, and feel it's an achievement that we got out there and did it! Here's to run 3 fellow 'couch bunny' (loved that!) 😀

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RunningForBrokeGraduate in reply to AbracaDeborah

Here's to run 3 for both of us! These couch bunnies are off to be hares!

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Be proud of your self you are doing wonderful.

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RunningForBrokeGraduate in reply to sallyannie

Thank you! I hope to eventually become running addicted. An addiction that is doctor approved!

When I was at that stage I got my husband to pause the app so that I could sit down and rest a while! Well done for getting out there - it does get easiers - I promise.


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RunningForBrokeGraduate in reply to mcgurranhouse

Thank you! It's nice to know both that it will get better and that I'm not the only one who couldn't finish at first. I'll get there. I hope to be in good enough training as of late October to RUN a 5k.

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mcgurranhouseGraduate in reply to RunningForBroke

You are doing great. Lets put it this way if you had told me then that i would not only run 5k but 10k I would have had you locked up! This programme really works. Don't get discouraged - if I can do it having never run in my life, you can do it too.

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RunningForBrokeGraduate in reply to mcgurranhouse

I have never been a runner either, but I'm excited to be doing something so good for myself.

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That's the ticket! Focus on your achievements, you're doing great x

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Heat is always a problem... but I suffer more in high humidity, so that's something to look out for.

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