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Week 1 Run 2

So I went out at lunch time today for my second run. I did a different route to my first run and it was so much better. Mostly flat or downhill, and where a run coincided with a hill, I just ran around on the flat bit and walked up the hill. I managed all the runs bar one as the podcast went a bit weird and skipped the first run. Didn't realise until I got to the end of the warm down walk. It was lovely running around my local park. I was sharing it with an elderly couple who were out for a stroll, one of which was using sticks, so I definitely didn't feel self-conscious.

My partner is going to start on Sunday, so we're going to do it together. He'll be faster than me, but we'll be in the same vicinity at least.

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Well done. 


Well done :)

Small changes to route, pace, time you go out, temperature etc. all make a difference along the way.

Whether your partner is faster or not, just keep your own pace and keep going :)

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Well done on keeping at it. I do it with my husband too and as I said in response to your previous  post, we do our warm up walk together and then do our runs separately. We arrive home at about the same time. I am much slower than him, so when we went out together the first time, I was making him run slower than his natural pace and he was making me run faster than my natural (snails) pace. That didn't work for either of us. It's much better now. I'm halfway through week 3 and have 1 run left before starting week 4. I can't believe I've got this far. Enjoy the process :)


He came with me on my third run on Sunday. We did our walk together then he went off ahead of me. We ended up in the park together for the last half, but were still running separately. We then did our cool down walk together. It worked pretty well actually. Bless him though, he pushed himself too hard and his legs are still aching today! Doesn't help we were on our feet all day yesterday.


It's great having someone to go with, especially if you can't be bothered going one day or vice versa, you have someone else to motivate you to get out there. 


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