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First run done

Did my first run today, feeling awesome! Followed by circuit class. I’m not a runner, but am pretty fit, Ive done karate for many years and go to the gym a lot, I tried to increase my steps each day and I have a bit, but thought I’d give this a bash. I really enjoyed it. I was doing 20 mins fast walk on the treadmill a few times a week anyway, so this has just intensified my workouts

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Keep it steady and check out the post for Newbies...

Well done for starting... maybe just do your runs on run days and your other exercise on rest days... as the runs get longer, you may find that works better:)

This structured plan is about building up our running legs, stamina and strength in a steady safe way...and intended to be fun too:)


Thanks, yeah I’ll just play it by ear. I’ll probably substitute my treadmill on gym days to couch 2 5k


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