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First park run done!

Gilly0410 profile image

At last after graduating a week ago, I very nervously went along to my local park, to join in. It was a bit hot, but I was very pleased to finish 117 out of 186 runners and 9th in my age category and the 41st woman. In a time of 32.20. I’m really pleased with that. The kids are still blissfully unaware that I have spent the past 10weeks doing this 😂. So today I told them that the NHS having a big push on the parks runs and should we do one next weekend 😉. Think they might be up for it 😄

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Jay66UK profile image

Well run and well set up for next week. That is not a slow 5k at all!

Gilly0410 profile image
Gilly0410Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks Jay, I found it harder keeping a steady pace, running with others 😂 but it was good 😘

Jay66UK profile image
Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Gilly0410

We naturally compete. I wish I could say I’d done that on my Parkrun! 🤣🤣

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99pinkbubblesGraduate in reply to Gilly0410

well done ! fabulous time too ! I graduated at parkrun today and i know what you mean , i’m used to running on my own and i struggled to find my pace , i started way too fast , but finished in 39.10 which i’m more than happy with . Your kids are going to think mums awesome next week ! and they’d be right ! Well done x

Gilly0410 profile image
Gilly0410Graduate in reply to 99pinkbubbles

Congratulations 🏆🥇⭐️ and well done that’s really good! I was the opposite, I started too slow and picked up a bit. Are you going again next week? 😘

Ha, they will be surprised by their amazing mum Gilly😊xx

Well done on your fab result today 😎.

Gilly0410 profile image
Gilly0410Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you. I do hope so! Although they looked quite shocked st my suggestion, I half expect them to say that they’ve known for weeks 😂😂😂😂

Tasha99 profile image

Well done! I’m only a few seconds faster and I graduated 2 months ago!

Gilly0410 profile image
Gilly0410Graduate in reply to Tasha99

😂 thank you 😘

Great work, and a fantastic time on your first Parkrun! 😀

I hope the kids do come out with you, it will make so much difference and it’s always good to do something as a family. 🤞👍

Very best wishes 🙂

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Gilly0410Graduate in reply to David_G

Thank you. The youngest did two Park runs last year and the eldest did a charity 10km this year. But I’ve always said I can’t run. (Which was true before this!) I just hope I can get through another week of white lies 😂😘

Myrar profile image

Well done ...What a fabulous time ...😊😊

Gilly0410 profile image

Thank you. I never feel very quick when I’m running 😂. But since graduating my timings have been quite consistent xx

lexi6 profile image

Well done, what a great time, wish I could see your kids’ faces next week. 👍

Gilly0410 profile image

Thanks Lexi. I half expect them to say they’ve known for weeks 😂😂😂😂

MrskittyC profile image

That’s amazing - well done! I e been graduated for months & my parkrun time is still just over 33 mins (although MapMyRun says 31.42).

What a fantastic way to show your kids what you’ve achieved! 🎉

Gilly0410 profile image
Gilly0410Graduate in reply to MrskittyC

Thank you MrsK and a big well done to you too 😘

Gran4z profile image

Wow, brilliant time, well done. I think it's a brilliant idea taking the kids on that parkrun, what a cool 'trick' to play on them, would love to see their faces when you fly round that track. Fabulous!

Gilly0410 profile image
Gilly0410Graduate in reply to Gran4z

Thank you. Can’t keep up the little white lies for much longer!! Although when I went out this morning something started to hurt in the back of my ankle, just hoping it sorts itself out before next weekend 😘

Gran4z profile image
Gran4zGraduate in reply to Gilly0410

Oh no, that's not on. Hopefully just a blip, try and keep it gently mobilised so it doesn't stiffen up.

You must be bursting to tell the kids, it's really hard, because it's so exciting 😍

Ang62 profile image

Great time! I should graduate on Wednesday and have my barcode printed out ready for a parkrun. It won’t be as fast as you though well done 😊

Gilly0410 profile image
Gilly0410Graduate in reply to Ang62

Thank you Ang. GO YOU!! Good luck for Wednesday, the heat isn’t helpful is it! 😘

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