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Bbc breakfast inspiration !

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Hi we also watched bbc breakfast this morning and hubby and me dig out our keep fit wear and gave it ago ! Both have been members of gyms but the cost outweighed everything , great that you get reminders and inspiration along the way in your ears ! Very proud of our first outing .. what a beautiful day to start

2 overweight over 50s ready to change for the better ! πŸ‘

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Wonderful! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Couchto5kLaura , you caught another two!


Welcome! The first run is the hardest, but you've got each other for moral support and encouragement, as well as the forum here :) Great start!

OldflossAdministrator was great wasn't it... for many of us Laura is a close friend:)

Please check this post out..there is a wealth of tried and tested info' for Newbies..:)

The mantra is slow and steady..( I am infamous for it...but it works) Take it gently and keep posting for great support and advice:)

Well done BOTH!



Do read the guide to the plan for loads of tips.

Enjoy your journey.


You can have your own music on if you use the bbc get inspired C25k app, same thing but a bit more up to date.

Thank you all for your great support ! Means so much , yes we had our music on and Jo Whiley kept me going with her soothing voice , my husband had some comedian !

When we started I was abit nervous was haven’t run for over 30 more years! As you say it’s a gentle start so nothing that is too much , I will keep posting our journey !


Good for you, that's brilliant😊

Nice work! Have you been for your second run yet? :)

Tjt63 in reply to Couchto5kLaura

Yes did 2nd run , really good , unable to do 3 yesterday but hoping to get out weekend πŸ‘


Well done. Great decision. This programme is fantastic and it teaches you more than just how to run.


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