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Community inspiration!

So, I've been reading these blogs for weeks and weeks now and have FINALLY joined the community. I finished the podcasts two weeks ago and have decided to join in formally in order to keep my motivation up! As a yo-yo exerciser I've never managed to keep up a fitness routine for more that about 12-14 weeks, before letting life get in the way and descending into apathy, but I am hoping that this time and with all the C25K community inspiration I can keep going!

This week has given me two goals to work towards:

- increasing speed so that I can run 5k in around 30 min (the other day I did my first full 5k - so chuffed - but it took me 50min!)

- increasing distance/time (probably just a little each week so I don't get injured)

Just wanted to say thanks to the regular bloggers and people who have posted on this site for the last wee while - you've really inspired me and helped me with your discussions around each week. Seeing other people reach their goals has really helped me to reach mine.

Also - if you are reading this and just starting out, I found that NOT knowing what was coming up in the podcasts was essential!! I found that if I knew too much about the structure of the upcoming podcasts (paricularly weeks 3-6), I'd start worrying before I'd even started. So if you like surprises and don't want to worry I'd give looking ahead a miss - of course, each to their own!

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What a great post, and welcome. Well done on your achievement and good luck. I was taking 43 mins to do 5k when I graduated and thanks to going out 3 times a week (and even joining a beginners running group that does once a week speed training!) am down to 36 mins and hoping to improve further.


Wow Deryn61, that's really encouraging!! Well done! I can't imagine running that fast yet but will definitely be working towards it :)


I feel the same way about not knowing, I didn't listen to anything before I started and don't intend to listen to any future runs until I'm out on the road.


With you all the way - Just about to start Week 9 - but I always preferred not to know hat was coming up....


I have to say I did listen to the first 3 weeks of the podcasts to see what they were like and they really impressed me.... which is why I started. However, after "listening" to the comments on here, I might not do that any more... although not too sure I like surprises!! Can't wait to join the Graduate club :)


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