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Who fancies being on BBC Breakfast?


Hi gang! Laura here.... yes, that Laura. Who fancies doing run 1 week 1 with me on Monday on BBC breakfast? I’m going to be chatting to weather lady Carol Kirkwood (herself a Couch to 5k graduate) about the relaunch of the app and we’re looking for beginner runners who will pledge to do the plan. So if you’re thinking of starting or are in the early weeks, get in touch. I’d love you to join me. It’s an early start (5.45am!) in St James’ Park in central London. If you’re keen, please contact the producer (another Laura) laura.milroy@bbc.co.uk. Hope to see a few of you there. For everyone else, you can watch us on the telly or see what we’re up to on Instagram @couch_to_5k_laura

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Prepare to be inundated:)


Thanks for getting me through in 2015 :)


Our patron saint! Lovely to read a post from you. :)

Hurrah! Sounds brilliant Laura, will definitely be watching...

Graduated Nov 2015 thank you so much. 😊xxx


Wow our very lovely Laura! Thank you for the invite to forum friends Laura. Graduated Sept 2016 xxxx

Hello you lovely lot! Thank you for the messages and sorry I’ve been so quiet. I had a baby last year and I’m just easing myself back in! Happy running to you all 😘xxx

Lillybeth30minsGraduate in reply to Couchto5kLaura

Congratulations on the baby. I’m a recent graduate from your AMAZING program and I’ll be watching🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Liz x

Thanks Laura! I honestly don’t think I could have completed the C25 without your encouragement. You are a goddess!

Tbae in reply to Couchto5kLaura

Now here is my thought for your eagerly awaited meeting on Monday with the lovely Carol Kirkwood 🤔

they say birds of a feather flock together,🤔🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🌟🌟

from a person who admires you both from the sidelines,

Here are some of the qualities you have in abundance and share, generous in spirit, giving, kind, compassionate and much , much more.

Carol Kirkwood, weather girl, strictly Come Dancer, presenter and C25k graduate.

Wow, goddess Laura 🌟meets goddess Carol🌟.What a meeting of minds and the only place to be on Monday.🤔 BBC breakfast show TV and even better the Park 05:45 if you are fortunate enough to be a Newbie, change your life and commit.🤔👏👏👍

Just one amusing thought,I do not know if Carol is a Scot by birth, but of course she has a huge connection and even her name is Churchwood, in english🤔😂😂

As you know Kirk is Gaelic for church.🤔😂😂

They say small things amuse small minds.🤔😂😂

But this promotion, meeting and the C25k jewel in the crown is the Real Deal and a gift to the world.💫

More power to your elbow Laura as some say.👏👏

Every continued success.💫💫

Yes,that is amazing like you and Carol of course.🌟🌟

I will not be joining you, but will be watching with keen interest.👍😂😂

Carol went to school and lived in my home area, West Highlands, Fort William and BenNevis of course.🤔👏👏

Every success with this promotion and indeed with all your endeavours on the C25k and more.🌟🌟👏👏

Sincerely thank you, best thing ever for me.👏👏🌟

Many congratulations.🌟👏👏

AlMorrGraduate in reply to Tbae

I think that Carl came from Morar, that is a small village with the level crossing West Highland Line just at the station not too far from Fort William, next station Mallaig. I am wondering if there is a video recording of that meeting between Laura and Carl Kirkwood?!

Tbae in reply to AlMorr

Hi Allan,

Would need to google Carol, from memory, she lived also on the East Coast, Aberdeen, not sure because of her fathers work, but where they lived on the West coast.🤔 Not far from the catchment area for Lochaber and Fort William High School. My much younger brother attended the same school.As did Charles Kennedy in the same year as my brother.


AlMorrGraduate in reply to Tbae

That's nice to know Tbae, thanks for the reply. 😊 🏃

Bit early for me!

You’re not the only one Dawn 😂


5:45 am?? Could you not try for the One Show instead?

I think there is an iron in the fire, Mick...!


Laura !!! Thank you so much , you changed my life ! Many Congratulations to you on your little one .

Another runner in the making :-)

Sorry London is a bit too far for me but it is lovely to see you on here and Im sorry for swearing in the early days , nowt personal :-) xxx

IrishprincessGraduate in reply to poppypug

Hahah poppy 😂😂😂

Do not worry Poppy. I don’t take it personally 😉


Me me me lol

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to rolysmate

Just a bit late Rolysmate, having 11 and half mile long runs now under your belt you aren’t going to make the cut me thinks Runner 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻😃

rolysmateGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

I'll wear my best and brightest running gear and even flashing lights lol

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to rolysmate

And you will look absolutely stunning Rolysmate. You are a brilliant advert for where the programme can lead xxx

rolysmateGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Thank you Millsie and trust me everybody and I mean everybody I come into contact with gets to hear about the wonders of c25k

I hope you get loads to choose from, we have lots of dedicated and motivated runners currently going through the program. It will be so good to get the message out there again as I have seen this program and you change so many lives. Welcome home.


Just counted how many new forum graduates in March, over 70 C25k graduate badges given out this month so far......

My badge shining skills are getting to be truly brilliant 🏅🎓


Hi Laura, as a mentor on this forum, I am hoping that if the app is being revamped that the highly contentious advice about heelstrike is removed. I don't know whether it is just a throwback to former times, but there are few recognised authorities in the running world who advocate heelstriking.

Tbae in reply to IannodaTruffe

Great point Mentor👍

and may I suggest nose breathing also,🤔

maybe much less contentious 🤔

Perception is reality as they say,🤔 but it is an annoyance to me as a novice runner but a passionate student of fitness, to see how these two points are unfairly misunderstood on this excellent C25k programme.🤔

When clearly with a bit of further understanding they would not be.👍

I did not even know about the goddess Laura’s podcasts but followed up on the forum’s discussion 🤔 and found nothing at odds with Michael Johnson. In fact both were saying the same thing.👍👏👏🤔.That is a fact.👍

I fully agree with IannodaTruffe’s suggestion, if the opportunity exists to remove any doubt ,do it👍.

Or as a suggestion, as a minimum within an Automatic Welcome Quick Reference Package for Newbies to highlight the correct interpretation and avoid any possibility of mis-interpretation.

What worries me also is possibly the unfair erossion of trust and that is not appropriate to this jewel in the crown gift to the world.🌟🤔👏👏.

It has indeed been banished! I’m so sorry about that

I'm just starting week 7 and am so amazed at how I can now run for 25 minutes, I couldn't even run for a bus a few weeks ago! Thanks Laura!


I'm an April 2012 graduate and still here and still running (it's a complete nonsense for someone who has to spend most of her life in bed but it is fabulous nonsense). I love the podcast presentation for all sorts of reasons but a big one was Laura coaching and having a 'bespoke for C25K' soundtrack provided (whether I liked the music or not) - I could so easily be put off otherwise. But there's no doubt that celebrities and your own playlist works for others. Like IannodaTruffe I would say that the one thing which needs to change is the heelstrike guidance.

Thank you Laura... hearing clips of Week 1 brings tears to my eyes.

😘 this is just lovely xx


Ohhhhhhhh...I wish I lived in London & still on week 1!! I enjoyed the programme so much!!! I’d have been there....trainers laced & ready to go!! Graduated Oct ‘17 🏃🏼‍♀️😉

brilliant well done ! still using it when i get a bit behind with my running !


Wow! The real Laura, how lovely & hello! You did a brilliant job of keeping me going through the program thanks 😃... and always knew when I was tired! 😂

Many congratulations & happy times with your new little one. 😄

Gosh, you're a legend around these parts! Congrats on the little one and I (almost) wish I was starting all over again 🙂

MummycavModerator in reply to Irishprincess

Me too!!! I follow Laura on Instagram...she’s such an inspiration

Laura - you make all the difference to the podcasts. You are so encouraging but not over the top. I’m so glad I found your podcasts. I’m about to start w5 and doing well so far 👍 Thank you so much !!!💐🌷💐


Just want to say hello from the west coast of Canada! The C25K podcast and app are becoming more popular out here and I've met a few others who have done it before me. I'm spreading the word on how great this program is. I'll bet it gains momentum worldwide since it can be stumbled upon (like I did) with a quick internet search on beginner running programs! So thankful I found it, and this forum, even though you are all very far away. :)

mergirl101Graduate in reply to ToniCR

Me too,in Australia!

Just so happens... lots of people would love to ... but can’t make it to that venue... any chance of bringing it further north than Manchester? 🙄😂👍🏻

Couchto5kLaura in reply to Jen58

Watch this space Jen...!


I'll start week 1 again just to hear your voice 😍😍😍😍...

bit much...yup...fantastic opportunity!! sign up peeps 😊


I know you through the podcasts Couchto5kLaura , I never take my phone running with me. Thanks for guiding me through the C2to5K program 8-)


Wish I could, love your voice, you keep me going here on the Sunshine Coast in Australia!


THE Laura? It's like a cult figure has appeared 🤣 We are all a bit flustered I think


My 6th runniversary will be on 12th April, and although I'm currently on the couch due to a minor op, I will go out and run Week 1 Run 1 again :D This programme got me into running, and your dulcet tones got me through my first HM last year, Couchto5kLaura , so despite all the sweat and swearing (sorry!) I am immensely grateful to HU. I've made great friends on here, some of whom I've been lucky enough to meet in person, and I've run in the most wonderful places, at home and abroad. Couch to 5k really has changed my life for the better. If you can get on the Beeb and sell it to more people and hopefully change their lives too, it's worth it. Thank you!

Have just set the recorder. Started out with you in September 2012 as a complete novice. You did an amazing job and have 3 friends who have taken up running off the back of me completing it. I ran in Central Park with my nephew on the morning of his wedding and many other memorable places. Hope the programme goes well and will be advising a few others who are hovering on starting to watch


I hope I can find the breakfast show on catch-up as I will be driving when it airs. Graduated in September 2016, I found the podcasts almost by accident - I googled 'couch' as I thought I had read something about it in the past.

Loved your voice, so encouraging and I'd love to see what you look like on TV. The program changed things for me massively, would never have believed that I could run. My daughter bought me a This Mum Runs T-shirt. This 58 year old runs! Thanks Laura!

Apologises for the misinformation on Parkrun multi choice of running club.🙈🙈

It is on the list as NHS C25k🌟👏👏

This Stonage Techie Dinasaur 🦕 has found it and added it to his profile.👏👏

I deleted the incorrect message.Apologises and also to Bluebirdrunner.🙈👍


Wow - that Laura! Feel like I know you. Can't make the BBC I'm afraid but can't thank you enough for getting me through C25K and bringing the joys of running into my life.

Good luck with the new app and your new family!

Well done to you that’s determination I didn’t know they were two 5:45 lol 😂 make sure you have a gait analysis it’s important so you know you have the right trainers either support or neutral you will go on a tred mill for 30secs and they will tell you what you need they might be expensive ish but cheaper than physio months down the line. And hydrate before during and after and stretch before and after. And either run morning or evening or when it’s not to hot 🥵 been there done it and paid for it hope this helps. I would of loved that but I’m on W9R2 next good luck and welcome to the forum you’re going to love it 😊

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