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5km ... Inspiration!

So over the weekend I ran a 5km race in Whangamata. Took me 45 minutes to do it but i ran it all. I graduated from C25K on 22 August.

What I decided though was that the runners completing the half marathon were very inspiring and so the plan is next year I will do that one instead I don't care how long it takes me to run it just as long as I run it all!

Blogging mainly because I am excited and none of my family are runners so they don't quite understand.

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Woo hoo that is amazing, well done and good luck for next year, it's great to have a focus to carry on after graduating.

I briefly visited Whangamata on my way from Auckland to Rotorua 10 yrs ago, what a lovely place to run!

Shame the family dont' get it! All my friends and family think I am some kind of superhero cos I run now! :-)


It was really lovely also nice and flat. Wish I had your family!


That sounds brilliant, something like that's what I'd like to do one day too but I've still got 3 weeks to finish before graduating.

I don't go on to my family either, they think it's an enormous joke that I've got running shoes, BUT - I casually mentioned to my son the other day that I could jog for 20 minutes non-stop, and the (very swiftly disguised) look of complete astonishment that crossed his face - it made all the blood, sweat and tears worth while... :-) :-)




My family all think I am nuts too! The look on my mums face when I turned up in my running gear when I was visiting over the Summer was a picture! Fortunately OH has been supportive if somewhat bemused! And everyone on this site is wonderfully positive and helpful. Remember you are the one who is getting fitter, healthier and staving off all the horrible diseases that come with being sedentary. Good luck with the half marathon training! ;-) PS to get your graduate badge - message JR21. You deserve it. :-)


Thanks for the tip! I was wondering about that. Running is making me feel so good that I don't often mind about the family it's only when you get an achievement!


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