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Unwell after 1st run

Hi, I went for my first run on Monday week 1. Ever since I haven't been well. My head has been sore, my neck & shoulders hurt and I've been feeling nauseous. I'm due to go for a run tomorrow morning but if I'm feeling like this dunno whether to give it a miss? I know my body isn't used to me running so could be my body adjusting but I'm fed up of feeling crap 😑

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I would not think there is a connection between any of those syptoms and W1R1, but would certainly wait until you feel better befre venturing out again

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I think it’s just unlucky that you started the programme at the time you were coming down with an illness.

Take time to get well and then start again.

Good luck.


Sounds like you may have a virus or something, better to let it clear


They don't sound like run induced symptoms, but if not feeling well, sit down and read the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Wait til you feel well again, and have another go. If the symptoms recur you may have a very unusual reaction to activity.


I read your guide and read about brisk walking and the app. So once I feel better I'm going to give the brisk walking a go see how I get on with that, maybe I might find it abit more easier as I'm new to this fitness marlarky.


Maybe the flu? Wait it out and when you feel better, get out running again :)


Sounds fluey - hope you’re better soon!


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