1st run

Good morning all,

After 3 months smoke free I decided to get back into running & looking after my self.

I played semi pro football for over 20 years and was quite fit....although I was smoking the training seemed to counteract my addiction, I normally trained 3 times a week and played 2 games a week during a normal season...pre seasons were hard but my body was tuned for this sort of activity.

I stopped playing semi pro in 1993-94 season but continued playing on Sundays for another 14 years...stopped playing after a stint of veterans football 4 years ago...and my smoking did increase whilst my fitness went into a downward spiral.

I did my first run using the C25K app which was downloaded on my phone and after finishing ( 20 minutes ago !!!) I must admit that if I was still smoking I would have struggled...currently having some breakfast and looking forward to my 2nd run on Tuesday morning...

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  • Fabulous, I think you will love this programme and get so much out of it, given your fitness history....well done, and most importantly have fun :)

  • Thanks juicyju,

    How long did it take for you to get to Graduate??

  • I did it religiously so I did it in the 9 weeks', for me that felt right as I had never ever run before!!!! Its a really great programme....

  • Well done for being smoke free! Having never smoked but lived with smokers who have given up it is a brilliant achievement.

    Be warned this running business is addictive :) so is the shopping for sports wear!

    I wish you all the luck in the world for you new adventure :)

    Trust the programme it really works :)

    Happy running :)

  • As you can see I need some new trainers!!!!!

  • Well done you for giving up smoking, I've been given up 25 days now.

    The best motivator is the c25k program and the fabulous support on this forum. ;-)

  • well done on giving up Belinda :-)

  • Thank you ;-) I couldn't run if I had not of kicked the habit ;-)

  • Thanks Belindauk,

    This Forum is great just like the stop smoking forum full of great advice & people....so glad to be a member..!!!!

  • Your welcome :-)

    Yeah I pop over there from time to time ;-)

  • C25k takes 9 weeks from start to finish. Do the whole thing and you'll be glad you did. Don't ever go back to fags!

    Have fun. It's a bit addictive so pace yourself.

  • Well done. I did my first run today, planning to go again Wednesday . Also congrats on quitting smoking. I gave up 15 years ago si I know what an achievement that is

  • Thanks....keep in touch....15 years ago??? wow thats great there was not that many NRT products then did you stop cold turkey?....;-) whatever you used well done !!!

  • Well done - do not even think of starting again - I've stopped for 3 months too... I'm on week 8 of C25K - it is a brilliant programme and it is almost impossible to think of going back to the bad old ways after a run. And it is addictive (I've been out twice today just doing mini runs and testing out the new heart rate monitor thing and last week it was new trainers and I shuldn't even be running today and I've probably overdone it in spite of being told not to...) - in truth you are swapping one addiction for another but just look at the difference between them!

  • Yes I agree...but it is a better than smelling like an ashtray!!!!!...positive vibes..enjoy your Sunday

  • Welcome! Way to go on quitting the cigarettes. I quit on December 4th 2012. You will feel so much better and your new addiction will be running :)

  • You could be right....look forward to speaking to you soon.....

  • Good luck! With your record of fitness and without the smokes I am sure you will soon be happily trogging through the kms!

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