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1st Run - Dreadful

Okay just some personal details!

Weight 224 lbs

Height 5ft 6

Bust 38 inc

Waist 37 inc

Hips 42 inc

Diet - nothing at the moment

My regime of eating consists of NEVER eating breakfast, lunch about 2pm big meal

Dinner - big meal snack snack snack supper about 11pm

Diets i''ve tried lipotrim, herbal life, paleo diet,

exercise i've tried, going to the gym, signing up to a fitness group £15 a week, leisure centre,

My name is Maria, and I can't stick to anything

As you can see from the above, I have been dieting since I can remember.

The longest I have ever stuck to a diet/excercise regime is 3 weeks, the most i've lost is a stone.

I am 21 (welll 21 next week)

I used to be a size 14 when I was 18 and then in the last 3 years i've just shot up to this size.

I have PCOS (Polistic ovarian syndrome I think its called ) and the doctor said that losing weight is harder for me.

I also have diabetes in my family my birth mum had it and so did her mum.

Recently Ive been bullyed about my weight by an unknown number sending me messages about being fat etc and it's really knocked me down. I have a really low self esteem anyway so to get these texts was pretty hard for me as I think it would be for anyone.

I found this couch to 5k on the inhs thing and decided to give it ago, i mean its free, i live in buxon so i literally walk outside my house and can run and I like the outdoors.

When I was 15, this care home I lived in had a sports teacher, he wasn;t the nicest of people but he always motivated me. For 3 months in our pe sessions we had cross country running on our table. Well i wasn't happy at all and for the first 2 months I was grumpy out of breath and usually got in trouble for being in trouble. Then i remember one session some of the other children were misbehaving and for some reason I just felt the urge to be a little teachers pet and run, the more he praised me the more I found it enjoyable, I ended up putting my headphones on and the run was fantastic, I remember feeling out of breath but not in a painful way more exhilerating. It was one of the best feelings ever. And I don't know it just suddenly happened, I started jogging more and It was amazing.

(Sorry I'm babbling)

Anyway today my 1st run, feels 100 million times worse than i can remember it being. The first 60 sec run and I instantly got a stitch under my right boob. and then when i started running although the stitch stopped hurting i was still in so much pain. Out of breath and grumpy I lasted 21 minutes and then went home. I managed to run for about 4 of the 60 seconds and I feel so ashamed, I don;t feel proud of myself I feel embarrassed. I mean i know I weigh 6 more stone than i did when i was younger but jeeez it was actually horrible.

I just want to be able to go for a run and really enjoy it and keep running without feeling like my chest is going to explode and I'm going to die. I know im exaggerating right now but hey ho

I'm going to go have a nice warm shower and try and stop feeling sorry for myself. I just would love to be a size 14 again, for my bmi not say i'm severly obesed and not to be bulied anymore.

The picture I've attached is me today, after my 1st run not looking very happy or attractive

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Hi Maria. Goodness you have had a time of it haven't you! Well you have found us now :-) You haven't failed at all you got out there and gave it a good go. Don't give up now. You will be surprised at how you progress, you aren't in a race so take it very slowly.

First off I would advise you to always eat breakfast it is very important keeps your furnace going and don't eat late at night, and try and cut out all that snacking :-) I don't know if you have ever heard of the Dukan Diet, I have done it myself and I do know some people that have lost 6 stone on this diet. If you are interested it might be a good idea to run it past you doctor first, but I can give you a link to the website if you like. Please post often and let us all know how you are doing the support on here is amazing and very encouraging. And well done for taking that first step, because I know it wasn't easy. You can have that feeling again that you had before when running it will just take a bit of time and perseverance, but you can do it. :-)


Welcome to c25k. I tend towards underweight, but am not fit, and I still found the first week really hard, even though I'd been doing a fair bit of walking before. You did really well to get out there and do as much as you did. That is absolutely not failure - failure is not trying at all. It's not a race, and it doesn't matter how long it takes to get through the programme, or how slowly you run (I'm very very slow, but have got right through, and can now run for 40 minutes, which I still find very hard to believe).

You have had to come through a lot in your life, and you sound much tougher than you seem to think you are, but perhaps not surprisingly, you are really rather hard on yourself. Knowing that you've run before, and really enjoyed it is a wonderful motivation. You can get back there, really. It will take a while, and some hard work, but it probably won't take nearly as long as you imagine before you can run again and enjoy it.

Hugs. :)


Hello and welcome, Maria - you've started! And greenlegs is right about not failing. It doesn't matter at all whether or not you complete the runs first time or tenth time, in fact most people have to repeat quite a few runs on the way through. You just keep going till you've completed the run 3 (or however many) times and then move on to the the next week. If you managed 4 of the 60 secs this time that's a good start and soon you'll manage 5 or 6 and on to 8. Just keep going. You could try going slower next time, that might help and at the beginning it's all about stamina and not speed.

And then there are all the sayings that come up regularly here: No run is a bad run// Even a 'bad' run is good for you// Put it behind you and get out there again... Not too much consolation at the time when you're not satisfied with your performance, but they're all true. This is a really supportive forum, you'll be amazed how much the encouragement and reading about others too will help you. We're all such nice people :-)

Some people find drinking more (water :-D ) an hour or so before a run helps not to get stitches.

You are obviously a really strong person - be nice to yourself too!

Happy running :-)


Welcome and well done for making a start by getting out there - that is the hardest part. You might want to slow down your pace as it is more important to finish rather than trying to go fast (slow and steady is a keyword for many of us here.

Anyway, take a rest day then get back out there and don't forget to keep blogging to update us on your progress. Good luck with your next run.


Hi Maria. Welcome and all the very best of luck for c25k, you have come to the right place for all the support and motivation you need. Look forward to hearing more.


Hi Maria,

Don't get too down about not completing the run this time. I failed to complete my first run and went home feeling miserable, but the second time I went out I found it much easier, though still a struggle at times. This forum is great for motivation, everyone is really supportive.

The main thing is that you tried, and you CAN do it!! :) I know it sounds hard, but perseverance is the key, just keep trying and eventually you WILL be able to get there! I've noticed that a lot of people on here seem to struggle more with the first week because you're not used to running. :)

Good luck with it, and make sure you keep coming back here to let us know how you're getting on :)



Hi Maria,

Welcome to the crazy place that is C25K, here you won't find any bullies, the support on the forum is great and like the others before me have said you didn't fail, a fail would be not even trying. You tried and will get there sooner than you know. I'm a complete non-runner myself but since starting the program and reading some of the blogs on here am inspired to see it out til the end. Everyone on here started with nothing and a lot of the graduates still come on to encourage those of us in the early stages of the program. I'm at the start of W2 myself. The fact that you have run before will out in the end. All I can say is stick to it and keep us all updated. You'll get to read about all of our good and bad days! Enjoy your rest day tomorrow and be ready to get back in the (running) saddle on Monday! The program is designed to let you take your time so best of luck! Beth


Hi Maria, welcome to C25K, don't be so hard on yourself, you have taken the first step on a fantastic journey. It doesn't matter that you didn't complete all the runs you will be better next time and the time afterwards :-) I would recommend that you always eat breakfast as it said to be the most important meal of the day and try not to eat to late at night. Also drinking water before running should help you not get a stitch. Good luck with your next run, keep going you can do it :-) and keep us up to date on your progress :-)


Hey Maria, welcome to the most supportive group of people I've ever 'met'!

I too have PCOS and as much as no-one can really say whether I brought it on by being overweight or if the weight was caused by the PCOS, the fact is its there now and has to be dealt with. Yes, weight is definitely more difficult to shift but that just makes me work harder (I want to prove all those idiots from school - which was a long long time ago - wrong).

My first sessions were horrible - could not manage more than 45 secs at a time lol. But I've stuck with it because I get such a rush after runnng it's almost addictive! And I've just signed up to do a 10k run through central London in May.

If you're anything like me - stupid hormones can play havoc with my mood and I can get really down or grumpy - this running malarkey has really really helped work off the stress and those endorphins are much lower in calories than the bottles of wine after a bad day!

You can do whatever you want to! And we'll be here to cheer or push you when you need it.

Motivational rambling over



Hi Maria,

I just want to agree with what everyone else here has said - getting out there the first time is the toughest bit, and you're over that already!

This community is amazingly supportive, keep blogging and let us know how you're doing!


Hi Maria

Welcome and well done on getting started. Like you I have PCOS and struggle with my weight but have been following Slimming World since last summer and have lost weight healthily and steadily.

My advice would be not to focus too far ahead ie running 5 k or losing so many pounds. I find it very hard to visualise so I just try and focus on one week at a time (and now one run at a time).

Be kind to yourself and recognise that you are making the effort to change but it will take time. And keep posting here as this is one of the most supportive places.

Good luck on this journey :-)


Hi Maria

And welcome to this forum of extremely supportive people (get the number texting you blocked on your phone!).

Some of us here haven't run for years or haven't run at all and like you found the first few runs exhausting and extremely challenging, but if you keep at it and blog here as often as you can we will all help you along your journey.

Wishing you every success. :)


Welcome Maria! I'd just like to add my support and best wishes to you as you start the C25k journey! You'll have good runs and bad runs but you'll ALWAYS have someone on here to share that journey with. Good luck for your next run - we're all here willing you on! :)


Welcome Maria! :) Definitely no bullies on this forum, just a whole bunch of kind, motivational, patient and understanding people of all different ages, sizes and health but with one thing in common - wanting to get fitter and healthier through running and to learn to enjoy it!

The fact you remember so vividly your early running experience and how it made you feel makes me think running is your thing! :) Just be positive, draw something good from that experience, don't be so down on yourself and take it slow. So your first run wasn't so good but hey, just pick yourself up and give it another go in a couple of days time. As you can see from the above comments there are plenty that have been just where you are now but didn't give up. Don't you either!

Keep coming here and get strength from the comments and experiences of others; it really does work! :)

As for diets, I'm not into fad diets but prefer those like weight watchers or slimming world that help make healthy food choices a way of life but why not give this new NHS one a go hhttp://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/loseweight/Pages/Loseweighthome.aspx

Very best of luck!



What an achievement getting out and doing the first run, well done. It can be scary changing your lifestyle ( I know I did) but you've started and I promise you it's an amazing journey on C25K.

I agree with Sue above about fad diets, I recommend calorie counting, there is no magic answer to weight loss, just watching everything you eat and a little exercise helps :) I use a free phone app myfitnesspal to track mine.

I never used to eat breakfast either, but now make a concerted effort and I'm sure it helps be not binge through the day.

I'm trying to get my weight down because my mums family has a history of diabetes.

Good luck and keep blogging you runs and questions.


Hi Maria, we won't judge you, we won't scoff at any runs not completed, we will however congratulate you on your achievements, give you as much support as we can and always be here for you. Don't be hard on yourself, its sounds to me that life has dished out enough of the rough stuff to you already.

Like all the others, I wish you good luck, you will have success so long as you stick with it and with dozens of friends on here to help it will be easier.

Just two suggestions which may help with your diet, only suggestions though I'm not dictating to you. 1, try and eat some breakfast, it will start your body system working, it doesn't have to be much, some fruit, a cereal bar, yogurt perhaps. Some people do have difficulty in eating as soon as they get up so have it after your shower with a cup of tea or drink of your choice.

2, evening snacking is my worst fault too so now I stick to the more healthy choices, some fruit or 2 rich tea biscuits with a laughing cow cheese triangle (light) sandwiched between them. A hot chocolate (Options) drink will help if you have a sweet tooth, or a low fat yogurt.

If your still feeling like you want to eat try cleaning your teeth, thats another thing that stops me also a drink of water.

Good luck with the running and your weight loss, you have come to one of the best places where you will be able to chat with like minded people and get advice if you need it.


Well done for starting the c25k programme. I'm in week 3 myself & have found it hard. But the people on here are full of encouragement & I find it a boost to read some posts before I go out for a run. Keep at it, you can do it & I find it really improves my mood and confidence too. Good luck & enjoy :-)


Well done for starting the programme! I too have just started (wk 1) and it's been a while since I did anything remotely sporty. Just hang in there and take your time... if wk 1 turns out to be 3 wks then so be it. Look on the bright side..... at the end of the programme you'll be a swift fitness goddess and I'll still be butt ugly! Stay with it.


Hey there Maria, Well done on starting! That is the wisest thing you have done in 2013. I agree with everyone else here and wish you well on this journey. Perhaps little reward targets would be fun to try too. Maybe at the end of each week of the programme pick something you love to do to celebrate each step. Even a calendar with smiley faces each time you have done a run, even part of a run! Encouragement is the key and we will give it to you in bucket loads. xxxxxx


Hi Maria,

I felt the same way after my first run...on Friday I completed the week 5 run 3 which was 20mins solid running! I think many on here (and Laura on the podcasts says it herself) that the biggest battle is the mental challenge. Our heads are very good at stopping us from reaching our goals - 'oh my chest hurts I'd better stop' - so try to think positive thoughts when you're running and think about other things.

Just on the diet side of things I wouldn't recommend Dukan/Atkins etc. I lost 2 stone on Dukan before getting married, 18months on I'd put on 3stone due to eating carbs again! Like a previous post said, the free MyFitnessPal app calorie counter is perfect for recognising what you're eating and making sensible changes to portions etc. I lost a stone since Christmas using it alongside C25K and I still eat chocolate daily :-) You 'earn' extra cals from the runs so it's great motivation too!

One other thing if you don't feel ready to move from one week's podcasts to the next, many have redone the same week a few times. It's not a race it's an investment in your health, happiness and self esteem!

Good luck and keep us all updated :-)

Mel x



Taking the first step in doing this is the hardest part, I have just completed w1and found it hard but know I have the support from everyone on here. Keep going - you can do it :-)


Just repeating what has been said but well done for starting - it can be hard, but as someone who had never run in their life until a few months ago I am proof it works. Just take it slowly, if you need to do the W1 runs for a few weeks then do. Good luck and keep going.


Woohoo you've made a start... You go girl!


Hi Maria,

Joining this forum might just be the best thing you've done in a long time.

Remembering how fantastic it felt to run is a great way to remind yourself why you are doing this - even if not every run can be great.

One thing that is glaringly obvious from your profile is that your personal details are all about measurements, weight and diet. I'm sure there is more to you than that.

A gentle suggestion...

Why not tell us about your favourite music, place , person, name of your pet (if you have one), what you love doing, anything! Those are things that make you who you are - not your hip size.

Ignore the bullies, keep running and keep checking in here - it's a fabulously supportive community. You've done the hardest part already. Congratulations.



Beautiful advice.....


It takes time, but there is no rush. The programme builds you up slowly and is so rewarding if you stick with it. It can really help your emotional and mental health as well as your physical health. For dieting I just cut out biscuits, crisps, fizzy drinks, cakes etc. If I didn't buy them I couldn't eat them! Still love a home cooked meal though and a drink of wine or beer (or two) now and then! Well done for getting started, you came to the right place!


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