1st run after Graduation

Well... Had an amazing Graduation 5k but went out today and it was a disaster! I run for 0.7 of a mile, every step hurt like hell! Walked until I was a mile out and restarted Map my run... I did run the 1 mile back in 11.32mins which is brilliant but to be honest I didn't feel great at the before I left the house! Not all bad.. I did something instead of just sitting on my butt! And my dog enjoyed herself!

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  • Hurrah! First run as a graduate. To be honest my first post-grad run was a total disaster. Went too fast, only lasted 15 mins & thought I was going to pass out! Ho-hum, things have got better since. Keep going - you're doing great xx

  • Thanks. I think I was a bit excited and had high hopes! I just need to calm down a bit!

    S X

  • congratulations on your graduation, sorry i must have missed your post, but looked at it just now! Well done to you. I think the first post grad run is filled with anticipation, but don't worry you'll soon be back in your stride, you can't always be 100% especially if you're feeling not so good. Glad the dog had fun, and you still got out and put in the effort :)

  • I was full of it! After doing my first 5K! I think I started too hard and expected too much of myself. Back out tomorrow!

  • Yay well done. You are now officially a graduate. Often people get injured after they graduate as they keep going out to fast (not likely for me), so do look after your legs and don't push yourself too hard.

  • Speed is something I want to improve I will take note of what your saying as building up slowly is better than an injury thanks!

    S X

  • Yes - this is my first post Graduate week - and things have not been good. I tried the SPEED post -graduate podcast this morning and it was a disaster -- but I am blaming it on Lauras music and here very slow cadence rate.

    I have been running non-stop over the past several weeks ( as we do with the later stages of C25K) - but this week I have done a run/walk over 6 klms easily as I am now doing training to take me up to 16 Klms - and I thought I would try to improve" my 5K running by doing some fast intervals -- but maybe the two things don't mix??

  • I'm doing parkrun again on Sat and the only reason I wasn't last is because one of the regular runners bought her daughter to run/walk the course with her! I really want to work on my speed but I'm nervous!

  • Just stick at it -- and enjoy yourself. The more you do it - the better you get at it -- like some other things!! :)

  • I hope so! Good luck with your next run x

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