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Couch to 5K
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Started week 1 today

I started week 1, day 1 this morning, was a lil nervous about jogging past people but they didn't seem to care lol. Obv if your new to the running malarky it knackers you out. Does anyone do any warm ups/warm downs before and after their run? Anyone got any advice on how to fit time into your running when the kids are off school? A 5 year old I mean. And has anyone felt positive benefits from going running? Have you got into shape/felt better mentally aswell as physically?

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I'm currently on W4 and struggling a bit (not to put you off). However, I have felt so much more confident since running. I'm running on a treadmill at the gym, and I enjoy seeing the same people every day. I also had a bout of depression a few months ago, and since running I feel so much better. I do my run in the morning before work, but then I have no little people in my life. Good luck, and stick with it


Hi Dafty,

Its amazing that you have taken up running. This is what human bodies are designed for - just like bikes and cars!! :)

Go slow and steady, once your body becomes fluid and strong, you will love it even more. Every person who watches you will admire you and wish that he was in your shoes.

Running will change you from inside and outside as well as burn the extra stuff (layers) that you are happily carrying with you for so much time.

Your kid also will be happy to see you run!! So keep going.. step by step.. mile by mile.. never give up! Enjoy the journey!! :)


I do my runs in the evening once my husband is home to sort the kids out. But I have had days when he’s away and I’ve taken all 3 with me! My eldest has a go at running, or they all whizz along on their scooters! They love it! I’m doing it for them anyway, to inspire them to see exercise as an essential part of life and do that they don’t grow up as couch potatoes like i have done!

As for warm ups / downs, I don’t think it matters at the first stages- just do the walking like the app says. Guessing more might be necessary as you start actually running more...

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Well done for getting out there. On recommendation from this site I use the following warm down exercises. nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...


I started to run as (a) I always wanted, but hated it, (b) wanted to get in shape. Now after many breaks, illnesses, and non-running injuries, but also after approximately 1 years since I decided I'll go for it. I am a total converter. I love running. The mental benefits, de-stress, fresh air and admiring surrounding nature (even when I'm running in the city/village), all of these made me kind of addicted to running. I'm not running every other day and I still have a little longer breaks (e.g. 6 days when I went back to Poland to visit my parents). But my body starts to give me signals that it's high time for running ;)

My immune system is better, and I had some serious problema with it in the past. Alon with some dietery changer, I lost few pounds. I look better and definitely feel better.

So go for it! Give it a go and see! Don't stress with timeing. Go slow and steady, and even slower. Try to run at least once a week, as it's more than nothing. I'm on 2x per week, as I feel it's optimal for me. With 3x per week I was stressed that I have to run, and was difficult for me with the busy schedule I had. Occasionally I have 3 runs in a week, but I don't put pressure on me ;)

Good luck and happy running!


I've written about warm-ups & cool-downs and press cancel instead o reply :/ I'll sum up it quickly: if you have stiff joints and not much movement in general, you can do some leg swings, circles with ankles and hips. Stretching after cool down walk is a must! A least 5 min. Stretch calves, hamstrings, thighs, glutes, and lower back. I like to do 20-30 min, as my body temperature drops really slowly, and it's very relaxing :)

Check out this video. It's a little longer than 5 min, but very good exercises:


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