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Week 1 started

I'm completely new to running but I've completed the S&F podcasts this summer so thought why not have a go at C25K. Thank you to everyone who's posted on here for the inspiration, it's an amazing community.

I did run 2 of week 1 yesterday and found my legs felt heavier on 3rd and 4th minute whereas on run 1 they felt heavy on 4th, 5th and 6th minutes then fine after that. Does this mean anything? or is it just my legs saying "oh god she's doing it again, she wasn't kidding". I actually felt nervous starting run 2 just in case run 1 was a fluke, but I did it AND enjoyed it. Someone else on the forum patted herself on the back when Laura told her to, I did to, well I'd done everything else she'd told me to :-)

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The second run of each week was nearly always the hardest for me. I think it is psychological. You psyche yourself up for the first one, then expect the next to be easier and when it isn't you struggle. By run three your body will have progressed and things will seem easier again. The early weeks can be hard simply because you are asking your body to do things that it may never have done before.

Stick with it. C25k really does work and thousands of runners started here. Good luck and keep us posted.


IannodaTruffe has hit the mail on the head. Whilst I'm only into my second week, I too felt that after the first run, I was going to find the second run a doddle and expecting too much from myself. Keep at it, take it a step at a time and don't be too hard on yourself. You've made a great decision to get out there and give it a go.


Hi KateK and welcome. I too found my Wednesday run ( the second run of each week) usually the most difficult...and agree with Tim that it's probably psychological . It will get easier as you progress through the programme; just go steady ....listen to Laura and slow down when you need ' ll get there !

Well done for making a sound have a " virtual pat on the back " from me too :)

Good luck and keep posting your progress.


Agree with the others above. My second run was always the worst. Your body is just getting used to the new demands you are placing on it. You'll soon find it getting easier.

Good luck & keep us posted!

Hi to Carole & Tim!!


Thank you for all your comments, they're much appreciated and very motivating.

I've just done run 3, my legs felt heavy for the 1st and 2nd minutes but after that I actually felt like I was jogging and moving along a lot faster without pushing myself to. I recovered a lot quicker too. I'm looking forward to week 2, I can't believe it:-)


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