Week 2 Run 1

Well folks just got back from run 1 week 2, It felt great.

After finishing week 1 yesterday I decided to start Week 2 to see how I felt...at first I was a bit stiff but after the warm up My legs came to life and the runs were completed with no real issues....I was a bit worried that I had started off too quickly but I recovered and was able to keep a good pace....due to my work schedule next week I will do run 2 tomorrow.....;-).

Don't worry I am off from work on Tuesday & Wednesday so I will rest then....just finished watching The Mersey Derby and having my lunch.

Enjoy your weekend

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  • Well done on W2R1. I remember it well! The feeling of advancing in this program is such a good one isn't it? You are achieving amazing things and stick with it and DO NOT RUSH! Good luck on your next outing.

  • Thanks danzargo....felt great today....:-)

  • Well done! You're making great progress! I am also planning on doing a run tomorrow after today's one — we can be rebels together!

  • Mos Def!!!! ;-)

  • good progress..well done

  • Thanks juicyju......;-)

  • :-)

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