Started today - Week 1 Run 1 complete :-) Woo Hoo - Couch to 5K

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Started today - Week 1 Run 1 complete :-) Woo Hoo

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Wanted to say Hi to this great community - been reading your posts for a couple of weeks now prior to taking the decision to give this "madness" a go......

That big 50 is approaching fast, I have become sedentry, I am overweight and the only exercise I get is walking my gorgeous dog and to be honest most evenings I just want to sink into a chair and relax. Something has to give and on my docs advice and after finding out how few steps I do each week on my Fitbit, I thought I'd give this a go.

When Laura told me to start running even though I logically knew it was just 60 seconds, I seriously wanted to cry....I can't run, never have, never will!! But all the posts I have been reading on this community popped into my head and I just started moving a bit faster....a gentle jog

So on the 60 seconds "runs" 1 was OK, run 2 the music kept me moving, walked run 3 (because I really couldn't move any faster at that stage) managed the other five 60 second runs OK. By the time the 5 min end walk came I was red faced, sweaty and out of breath and didn't think I could walk for another 5 minutes.....but I did :-)

The music helped so much, the 90 second walks went way too fast :-) and my legs really, really ached.

I did feel I looked ridiculous especially with my tomato face but only met one other person and I was walking at the time :-)

Plan to do a gentle one hour walk on my rest days to keep those steps up

Want to thank everyone that has posted here as it has really made me feel like I could give this a go, that everyone has to start somewhere, that I am not alone, red faces are normal and that I might, just might manage to keep going......

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Well done & welcome, lightweightkate. You've completed the most difficult part of C25K already. :)


Another 49er? Welcome to the eek I'm nearly 50 club.

Well done!! Starting out on W1R1 is a big step in itself ...! Red face (or more purple in my case) is quite normal!! πŸ˜† And once cooled down leaves a nice healthy glow!


Well done! ✨

Well done - you are not alone. I'm not dissimilar and now on Wk3 run 2 tomorrow. It's not easy but as long as you don't do too much at each run, you can do it. I can't tell you how much I dreaded having to run for 3 minutes and it wasn't easy when I did do it - but you have to just keep going until you're told to stop. Then you recover and it's a teeny bit easier next time. You are out there and doing it - you're part of this now. πŸ˜₯ I am looking forward to the day when I can look back on those comments about how hard it was to do 3 minutes, and laugh.πŸ˜†


Well done; that's fantastic.

I've always considered myself as can't run, never been able to run but running I now am.

And also I'm loving it!! Watch out, around wk 3 you start to get the running bug.

Keep posting; there's always lots of encouragement along the way, good luck on your running journey x


Well done. I'm 3 years from the big 50 and, if you just listen to the podcasts and do what they say, you'll do it. If you're struggling slow down and repeat weeks if you want to. It's not a race, it's a routine for the rest of your life, so don't rush it!

Good luck and keep us posted!


I am 50 in a month and started this back in April and was really struggling with the 60 second shuffle! Today I did W9R1 and ran 30 minutes without stopping, still have a red face and battle the demons but if I can do it anyone can. Good luck, it is definitely mind over matter and worth it xx

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Thats really inspiring and i love the description of the shuffle...summed me up today :-)


You have made the decision to start, that's the hardest part I think. Good luck xx


Well done! The first week is possibly the hardest. But you have made a start. I remember being puffed out and hardly able to run and I graduated on Saturday and I love it. It's still tough at times but if it was easy you wouldn't be pushing your body and improving your health and stamina so keep that in mind. It is a fab program- just stick with it and make sure you have your rest days. You'll soon get the bug! And you will feel so much better! I am 48 soon by the way! Lol! πŸƒπŸƒ


Well done on deciding to take up the programme, I promise it gets easier as you progress through!

Welcome Kate! We are happy to have you aboard. You've taken the first and most daunting step - getting started. Sooner than you know, you'll be loving it as much as the rest of us nutters!


Welcome lightweightkate.

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for you, because although you won't believe it now, I know that in a couple of months' time you're going to be running for 30 minutes non-stop, you'll be looking forward to your running days and you're going to feel such a sense of achievement that you will forever look upon this period as the time you changed your life.

Hold this thought - it may help you through when the gremlins tell you you can't do it, the appropriate response to which is "go away - I AM doing this".


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Thanks...I hope those gremlins stay away

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Brill post Rhedwr. Positive and encouraging x


Welcome to the programme Kate and this fantastic community !

I would say that most of us started this feeling exactly the same as you. Actually getting up from the sofa and getting out there is the hardest step.

You will find as you progress through the programme , that your self confidence will rocket, as you realise that yes, you can do this .

If youre not sure about anything just ask, there will always be someone along to help .

Oh and keep posting on here as it really helps to keep you focused and motivated , and its great to look back on here and you can see how far you have come .

Well done for today and Good Luck ! :-) xxx


As many have posted, you have done the hardest part already and it does really work. Wishing you much luck. Keep posting your runs. Loads of lovely people here to help you. πŸ‘πŸ»


Welcome and well done for getting started. You are not alone - we'll all be cheering you on!


Hello, welcome and really well done lightweightkate , starting is the hardest part and you have done that now, on wards always, slow and steady and you will do just fine, keep at it ☺


Well done on getting started. For what it is worth I will soon be 63. But I know that I can do this. And so can you.

Well done. I have still I make a start so am feeling inspired.

Well done for starting, i'm similar in that my first week is this week & i'm going to run every other 1 minute run with the plan to run every single one next week.

It will take me a while to complete the 9 weeks but I will complete the 9 weeks :-)

Sounds like a good plan Holly303... second run on week one for me tomorrow and I am determined to do a little better than my first time....

you and me both starting at the same time. My face has been beetroot all the running bits, to be honest its more of a bob, no where near a run, but i dont care, ive got a park run in my sights 10 wks from now, maybe you have one in your area? Good luck to you


It'll be great best decision you ever made. Xx

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