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Just started at the beginning of week and completed Wk1 R2 yesterday! I won’t pretend it’s easy but I’ve always wanted to say “I’m just off for a run” but I kinda thought I’m to old to start now, but here I am giving it a shot!

My inspiration as a nurse I would like to find a buddy who would join me in a Marie Curie fund raising challenge and do something exciting and worthwhile 😊👍🏿

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I won't be taking any of that "too old" nonsense. Yes the programme is a challenge for many but it is carefully calibrated and you will soon find your fitness improving. You'll be doing charity runs in no time at all :)

Thanks for all the encouragement it’s a real motivator 😊

I have just started and completed week one. I wonder what week two will be like, I am thinking I might need to repeat week one as I have never run before

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Julie-MirkoGraduate in reply to Burnhambeach

Just stick to the program it works... as long as you complete each run with a rest day in between you will be fine x congratulations on starting x

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Hi. I have never run before either and am the most exercise phobic person you could meet! I did my w2 r2 yesterday. This is no lie, if I can do it, you honestly can! It is a little more difficult but no different than you felt w1 r1. Try it. Good luck.

Thanks for that I will and will let you know how I get on. It will be Saturday

Did my week two run one today and it was good I really feel I am making progress

I have completed week one and tomorrow will start week two. I am a bit apprehensive as I have never run before but I will give it my best

This training plan works.

Well done on getting started.

This guide may be helpful

Keep us posted.

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I don’t think I ever get tired of hearing newbie posts. I love em! I remember how excited I was, the trepidation, the frisson of being scared but giggly at the thought of sneaking off to the woods like a ninja in my never before worn Lycra 😃

Good luck folks. Have fun out there. “Slow but sure” be thy mantra 👍🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️✔️


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