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Hi everyone!

Did day 1 this morning! Daughter (26) did it with me bless her, she is a runner. I am 3 stone overweight, had a 'mini-stroke' 18 months ago, was overweight then but managed to lose 2.5 stone which i have now put back on. I am 59 , suffer from arthritis and anxiety and, look after my mum who was diagnosed with alzheimers in September, i also work full time so i am going to need encouragement and shouting at when/if i make excuses for not going on a run! Lookinf forward to chatting with you all and reading your fantastic stories...

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Hi. I’m new too (finished W1 today) so congratulations for starting... it seems a lovely group of people on here who will look after you just fine. Good luck, and well done x

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Thank you, just getting my head around the web page and trying to ignore the painful knees! 😂


Hi Lynda, and welcome! Well done on completing the toughest run, the first (and it's great that you did it with your daughter who I am sure will be a good support to you).

It certainly sounds as if you have a lot on your plate- but while carving out the time for running is likely to be your real challenge, you may well find it helps you cope more easily with your demanding life. Running is great for clearing the mind and lifting the mood, making it easier to face the other stuff life throws at us.

Keep running (and posting!) ☺


Well done! You are at the start of something very positive and life-changing. 😀 Running can help you cope better with the myriad of challenges life throws at us!

I can only imagine how stressful it must be to look after a parent and hold down a full-time job, but look upon your runs as much needed "you time". Just 30 minutes, three times a week when you make time to do something for yourself. Which in turn, will make it easier for you to cope with the time you have to devote to others. It could also help to alleviate your anxiety - it has helped to keep my low-level depression in check.

If you are worried about sore knees, then maybe try these exercises on your rest days:


Really helped me! I just get up 15 mins earlier and do them before work. And, remember to run super slow and land as lightly on your feet as possible.

Good luck, persist and most of all, enjoy!

Sadie-runs 😘


Sadie-runs, thanks for posting those exercises for sore knees - I will definitely be giving those a whirl too as my knees keep protesting and are starting to hold me back significantly.


Sorry to hear that, Helene - and I am sure these exercises will help! I noticed a difference after doing them for just two weeks. Actually, my knees are the only parts of me that haven't given me trouble since starting running. Still nursing a sore hamstring one month in after pulling it, and fear I may need physio intervention now! Sigh.

Other than your knees, I hope that all is well with you, dear Helene!

Sadie-runs x


There will be loads of people putting off that first run until the new year and a goodly proportion of them will by doing so end up putting it off forever, so bravo for making a start now.

I also started C25K to support weight loss and find it really does help. I don't talk about stones - I'm 4 years younger than you so was one of the first to be educated in metric and stones seem such a big heavy... drag fit only for the pages of pernicious women's magazines. So it is all kilos for me!

If you have arthritis you might want to see if you can run on the softer surfaces rather than roads and pavements as much as possible and to build in some sort of practice to strengthen the muscles supporting your joints. (This is not to put you off, plenty of us run and find it helps with all sorts of similar issues)

We'll certainly cheer you on and we are capable of spotting excuses... but we also know that sometimes there are reasons, good reasons, and we'll support you to accept those too.

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This might be helpful for you healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.


I just read this Tim. Really very helpful and thorough. Thank you for doing this👍

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Welcome and well done getting started- you have done the hardest part.

Keep posting so we can cheer for you on your journey. Go slow, steady and relaxed every time. 😃


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