Newby saying hello!

Hi all, I'm totally new to this and will be starting C25K tomorrow, week1, run1.

Trepidation, as I'm middle aged, overweight and unfit. I don't have any snazzy gear (just trainer and jog bottoms and a t-shirt). I am a bit worried, as the first run sounds pretty hard, let alone the rest of the program!

I reckon it will take me much longer than the scheduled weeks, however I believe that is ok and I can repeat weeks etc.

Any tips please, would be greatly appreciated. I will be channelling my inner Seb Coe (showing my age now)!

Many thanks, Caz


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  • Whoop whoop!!! You're off the couch!!! Well done, that's the first step, often the hardest....

    Take it slowly, don't expect too much of yourself...yes, it's ok to repeat weeks if you haven't completed the runs...or just repeat individual runs if you don't manage them...if you don't manage a run, count that as a practice run & think of the stamina & mileage you're building up....most of all, enjoy the will have tough runs sometimes, but we all do...keep posting & keep reading, you'll get so much advice & encouragement on here...looking forward to your next post!!! πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ’ͺ🏻

  • Thanks for your advice, it's great to hear that I'm not alone! I'm looking forward to getting fitter. :-)

  • You've come to the right place!! πŸ‘πŸ»

  • You are probably in better shape than I was, seriously :) Best advice I can give is read the early posts of Graduates - this programme is for people just like us and their are lots of shared tips, support, fears and trepidations on the way to Graduation - slowly and steadily and at our own pace :)

    About the only 'Unbreakable' rule - and it is to prevent injuries/over running - is 'Thou shalt break the Rest Day at your own peril" :)

    It's an amazing journey you have started - and as you continue you will find it is a heck of a lot more than just running, it changes so many thing :)

    Wishing you the many happy miles that are in your future :)

  • That's great to know Irish-John, thanks for replying! I am really unfit so I will definitely follow the no over-running rule, as I don't want to do myself a mischief before I've started!

  • Hi Cazzasmazza, welcome!

    As you've no doubt already realised, you've come to the right place for advice and encouragement, the folks on this forum are wonderful. As you read through the posts you'll see there are all ages, shapes and sizes working through C25k and more importantly everyone can do it!

    So tomorrow put on your running shoes and do exactly what the trainer on your podcast or app says and you'll get there.

    Importantly, go at your own pace, slow is good, take at least one rest day between runs and trust in the program.

    You can do this, good luck and let us know how you get on.

    Happy running!

    p.s. No need for snazzy gear, you can treat yourself when you reach your goal!

  • Hey! Greetings from a middle aged, formerly unfit git come graduate! My only exercise used to be cigarette lifting, now I can run 60min non stop and so will you, don't worry ;)

    Please make sure your trainers are good and if any discomfort, listen to your body and stop if there is any novelty pain in your joints. Maybe you should get your gait analysis done, just in case?

    Remember to go slow, speed is irrelevant and could lead to injuries, so slow and steady is the key.

    Finally, there will be ups and downs. Downs will inevitably lead to ups, and more ups will mean less and less downs :)

    Keep us posted & enjoy yourself!

  • Great reply! Wowzers 60 mins....I am not worthy...that's fantastic!!!

  • Thank you, but it is way easier than it looks on paper (Or online? What's the politically correct thing nowadays?). I struggled massively on day one, but felt l could take my skeletal frame to longer distances once l did 20min non stop stretch, and l can safely say that all can do it, nice and slowly, with a bit of will power and stamina that builds up along the way. Then you ask yourself how on earth was it possible to struggle during your 1 minute, first day ordeal :)

  • Hello!

    Trust in the programme, go as slow as you dare and enjoy the support of your virtual running buddies here on this forum. You will amaze yourself!

  • Go for it! I've just started Week 2 and am already surprised by my increased stamina and how much enthusiasm I have for running. I am no athlete- I am a self confessed exercisephobe but there's something special about running.

    The biggest tip I can give you is to believe in yourself and also to keep reading and posting on here. I've already found so much encouragement and reassurance from the amazing people on this forum.

    Good luck and happy running! :-)

  • Hi Caz...well done for taking the plunge, you will be fine just take it slow...and keep checking in here...this lot rock!!

  • Hi welcome and congratulations for downloading the app... definitely also unfit unable to run and a tad over weight when I started.... I've managed to get to W6R2 and I really really didn't think I would... as suggested by the fab members on here ... read others post x go for it... keep posting... stay positive and good luck x you got this x

  • A huge welcome to you and well done for making that first tricky step!!! Starting!

    Slow and steady.... take your rest days and follow the programme. If it takes you nine weeks, great, it it takes you longer, great too... :)

    Add some exercise on rest days in as well... walking, or swimming or cycling etc..a healthy eating regime linked ti this C25K pays dividends too!

    Start off with a positive outlook.. you can do this... we are all shapes, all sizes and all ages!

    Make sure your clothes are comfy and try if possible to make sure your running shoes are suitable for this... as the runs get longer, ( and yes, you will manage them )... the shoes are really important!

    Keep posting too as the support and advice you will get is incredible :) I am out running tomorrow.. we can head out together !

    Go for it:)

  • Read everything you can here πŸ˜€πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘

    Good luckπŸ™‚

  • Don't worry! You sound exactly like me before i started. 7 weeks in and I'm still here. If i can, you definitely can.

    Initially take an easy pace and eventually you will find a rhythm thats is right for you.

  • Well done and good luck with your run today!! Xxx

  • Good luck, I'm New too. Just completed w2r1 and I'm well past middle age, never run before.

  • The main tip is just go for it. Believe in the programme and yourself. Come back here for encouragement.

    Many of us are middle aged and overweight. You will get fitter.

    Don't worry about speed just go slow and steady. Hydrate well and gentle stretches.

    You don't need snazzy gear (but I wish I had had my gait analysis sooner than week 8).

  • Hi Cazza.

    Don't worry about the middle aged overweight and unfit. You'll blend in with the rest of us :)

    I've yet to see a post that starts with:


    I'm 26 and a size 8 and have got bored with triathlon swimming...."

    Take it nice and slowly and just enjoy being out there and doing something and making a difference.

    I'm only in W3 but find that I am now wishing my rest day to pass quickly.

    This forum is the place to check each day for great motivation from other middle aged overweight jofflers (jog/shuffle) who were/are all unfit but are out there doing it.

    Well done for starting and welcome

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