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Week 8 Run 2 - Lovely day - Great Run

Was thinking of sacking off today’s run until the weekend, but the clear skies and bright sunshine tempted me to pop on the trainers and enjoy the moment.

Back on familiar ground after a week up T north with the outlaws, after my attempt at a Derbyshire forest / hill trail last week, decided to head off my normal flat park run and run a route with some gradual but long inclines... can’t really call them hills!! 😂 but testing enough for me at the moment... still looking after my back.

Really enjoyed the change of route, mix of trail and road, settled into a nice pace and rhythm and was happily surprised when jo told me we were 10 mins in, as only felt like a few mins. Next 10 flew past as well and with only 8 mins and two “slopes” left there was a nice downhill section towards the end where I could open up and let gravity be my friend.

All in all a very enjoyable run.

To celebrate I went to my local Sweat Shop and treated myself to a new pair of New Balance mixed trail shoes... now I have to wait until the weekend to try them out, as the wife says I can’t wear them round the house ... !!

Might be tempted to christen them on a park run on Saturday morning, as still not bitten the bullet and plucked up courage to do one yet.

Hope everyone is having a fab week!!

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Sounds like a perfect run and I'm with you on hills/inclines. It's nice to change routes too.

Great way to celebrate a good run with new trainers. What difference do trail shoes make? I run mainly on roads but one of the local park runs is on muddy paths, etc so would another pair of trainers be good? It's described as mixed terrain.

Hope you have a good run in your new shoes!


Ooh that sounds like a brill run Tony. I like mixed terrain and trail trainers are fab for that. Once you gathered a nice rhythm on your run, I bet it made a difference and somehow gave you that boost to keep going. All of these positive markers gives you confidence to run further 👍

I'm a big fan of Asics....at the mo, but wonder what the New Balance trainers are like. Get them on and have a gander around the house, surely, if you haven't worn them outside yet, there can't be any harm done in walking in them indoors?

Go on, it's Christmas, lol. Good luck if you do the park run, I've done one and that was my graduation run too and they're good fun 😊


Hi Carolyn/ quirky...it did feel like a great run, one of those days where you feel in control and could have kept going, but I know from past experience that the time is set for a reason.

The shoes I have at the moment are new-ish but really nice for dry sunny runs as they breathe for you feet.. downside when it is wet, so are your feet!! And really only suitable for dry days or on tarmac

So asked in the sweatshop for shoes to keep my feet dry and give extra grip when running on mud and grass trails but can also be used on road section. They picked out some NB Gobi, bit of extra grip on the sole and more protection from the muddy puddles!!

Hope they are okay, will find out over the weekend !


I was braving the elements in Derbyshire yesters! 😃. Trail running is brill !

Wear your new shoes in the house! They're clean! 😃

Have a good time in them. May you do many miles together 👍


Hey MissWobble, you are brave, when I left Shirebrook on Wednesday it was throwing it down with snow, Kudos to you, I am determined to make use of the abundant forest trials around the Sherwood area and need to get some hill training behind me so I can enjoy the full extent of what is on offer in that part of the country.

I am taking the shoes for a comfort test shopping this afternoon !! Couldn’t wait lol 😂


Oooh have fun! 😃. Shirebrook is close to scarcliffe woods which would be a lovely place to run. The former pit tips at langwith are popular too 🙂

You can get to know the trails of sherwood pines if you don’t know them already Trail running is always better than road 😃👍 Harder though because of the undulating terrain and obstructions to negotiate. Take care! You have to go slower as you have to watch where you put your feet while trying not to run into a tree 🌲😃

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Will need to get to know the trails as after running Shirebrook woods last week quickly discovered that after the 1000th pine tree they pretty much look the same and getting lost is easy to do!! Going to research the trails around the area, thanks for the starting point I will take a look and also the local park run in Mansfield


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