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W9R1 Great Run👍

Well after an unpleasant R3W8 this morning was going to be different.

Proper hydration yesterday

Are wisely last night no sugar

Result fantastic start to W9R1 ✊️

The lesson learnt plan your runs 😂

Now that the runs are 30 mins it’s so important lm learning this lesson the hard way.

Ran 5.8km !! Wasn’t planed not all running 10 min warm up and 10 min cool down brisk walking to get me home. Had my usual creeky 10 mins then nice slow steady even pace. Loved my run this morning and nice to do it in daylight.

Just throwing this out there any one done there graduation run as a park run what are your thoughts and advice on that one ?

Need to plan the next few weeks but think l still would like to have MJ around so until Xmas think l may just repeat W9 over.

Looking at adding some strength training for my core and stamina as l need to tackle my demons the 😈 Welsh hills that lm surrounded by 😂.

Fancy doing some park runs to increase my confidence as lm a lone runner.

Any way rambling on now have a great running day all of you lovely running family xx

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Congratulations I did wk 9 run 2 today and had a good run. I’m thinking of doing a park run once I graduate but think I will repeat week 9 for a few weeks first until to consolidate. Well done what an achievement see you at graduation done time next week hopefully 🤞

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Very well done...and 5.8k to boot 👏

Works out that my graduation will be the London Santa Run next Sunday 🤗


Loads of folks use a Park Run as their graduation run, but they are different to running solo, so don't expect your progress to be quite the same - but what fun to be surrounded by load of runners after being solo. And staying with Mr Smooth on your consolidation runs is a nice thing to do as it helps keep you paced and less stressed, I found.

Congratulations and I hope you have fun next time out on your graduation run


Thank you x


I did my first park run for graduation .. I just plodded along at my own pace lots of abilities from walkers to joggers to speedy runners and as long as you keep your own goal in mind it’s a fab experience...... I love my solo runs but nice to have company along the way too! I’d say give it a go you can always Walk/Jog/Run no one judges as the project was designed to also get everyone off the couch and moving x my advise would be don’t knock it till you’ve tried it... it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but if you don’t give it a go you never know! X


Thanks x

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