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Week 5 run 3 whoop whoop

Hurrah! Completed and as I literally say to my husband after every single run when he asks how it went, “well, I didn’t die!”

I even managed to say “morning” twice to two other runners!

Thank you to whoever first wrote about the toxic ten minutes and to anyone who has ever mentioned it in a post I have read, because it was my mantra in the first part and it was totally true.

I know I can run for30 minutes now. I have no fear of that. I’m slow but “well, I didn’t die!”

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Very well done you... running and talking too... :) You are doing brilliantly!

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Well done on that W5 R3😄...you nailed it and lived to tell the tale😉...

You're absolutely right to have no fear, just trust the program and take it one run at a time..start nice and slowly, push through the first 10 mins and find your happy pace. You will be doing 30 mins in a few weeks!

Week 6 can feel a bit tricky after your last run, but its a good one. Tackle it in the same way, nice and steady and you will smash it😊xx

Go you and love your mantra...

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