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Week 5 - Run 3...Can I get a Whoop Whoop!!


Well today was my last run of week 5, yes the dreaded 20 minute run, and I failed.......

you NOT my fellow running buddies. Yes completed the run!!

My first full run and boy did it feel good. Today I ran without our beloved Laura :( , turned on my mp3 player and off I went (yes I did both the 5 min walks), after a while it seemed like I was running in automatic mode. I was much more relaxed for some reason, breathing was better, posture was much better today and overall it didn't feel that tiring.

Really pleased with myself, can't wait for the coming weeks now.

Stats for all :) :) :) :)

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Whoooop whooooop! There you go running buddy! How awesome are we? You are nearly at 5K already, that's so awesome!!!!

I'm away for a couple of days next week so I'm going to do run 1 on Sunday, 2 on Wednesday and 3 on Friday again so we may be a bit out of sync!!!! Oh my god I'm so excited about starting week 6!

Did you stay dry, I got soaked!!!! :-( I'm now in the fleece with the leccy blanket on trying to warm up!

Elsie xxx

saul01Graduate in reply to ElsieW

Pretty damn awesome, if you ask me! Week 6 next....hmmm, then only 3 weeks left. Yes managed to stay dry, luckily it had stopped raining by the time I got back from work.

Looks like we'll be out of sync for Monday's run only. Good luck for Sunday, let me know how you get on if you can.

This scares me! But your proof has given me faith!

Well done!

saul01Graduate in reply to HybridHayley

Thank you very much. Nothing to be scared about, I find you have to believe in yourself (and listening to Laura) and it all comes naturally.

As the old saying goes "we must learn to walk before we can run".


Go you!


Well done !


Whoop whoop! Well done.


whoop whoop ;O)


Thank you all


You obviously got it in you. Congratulations

W5 r3 is the best run ever. It is when you really feel you can do this, you can run :)


whoo whoo

it's such a milestone, this run - don't think any of us think it possible but then when we achieve it we feel awesome!

Whoop whoop Saul. Fantastic run. If you had been with Laura she would have really congratulated you and told you that 'you are a real runner now' and that running for 20 mins non stop is amazing.

That relaxed automatic feeling is lovely and starts to happen now on longer runs. I think its endorphins or euphoria and its why enjoy running.

Week 6 next. Should be fine. Good luck.


Whoop Whoop,congratulations and good luck on week 6

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