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Dreaded Week 9 has begun - 9(1)

I put off starting Week 9 for a few days, as I was not looking forward to that final leap. But today, I got the first run in, and it was not too bad. At about eight minutes in you are thinking that another twenty plus minutes is a a step too far, or many steps too far. But the time passed, I speeded up a little, but not as much as I perhaps could have done, and eventually I was able to give it a blast for the last couple of minutes.

Once again basking in that post run glow, and trying to look forward to the next two runs and although they worry me, logic says I have nothing to fear.

Including the ten minutes walking, I managed 6.05k in the forty minutes allocated, and I think I ran a fraction under 3 miles in the 30 minutes running. So a bit off getting in 5k in thirty minutes. Is that the ultimate target of everyone? Is there anywhere where it states that the ultimate aim is to complete 5k in 30 minutes?

(I do know of course that the whole point is just to get out there and do things at whatever pace suits and that is the success of Couch to 5k - but reading posts of Graduates I can see they start talking about going further and faster)

Anyway thanks to everyone for their encouragement, and for those just starting - this really works, and you can do it!

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Definitely a good milestone to achieve 5k in or just under 30 mins but I wouldn't worry about that just yet. Concentrate in completing a 5k running non stop first. It took me a year to finally nail a sub 30 min 5K and I've still yet to run a sub 1 hr 10K, (61:17 is my PR).

I do see my times improving when I actually set out to run a time now but generally run at a comfortable conversational pace with one interval or tempo pace session a week.

I look forward to hearing you complete the program.

All the best


At least once in every run I do my gremlin tells me "You can't do this". He has been wrong each and every time, yet each and every time he is there saying the same thing.

Try and enjoy you last couple of runs if you can. A fraction under 3 miles in 30 mins is good going. This app can't cater for each individual. The truth is whilst some may make 5k in 30mins at the end of 9 weeks, many more will take longer.

The important thing is developing a habit of regular running.


The graduates usually talk about it a while after graduating :)

Lots of consolidation and C25K+ podcasts etc to help with building up speed and stamina:)

The target is to run three runs of thirty minutes.. comfortably and happily and injury free,5 K comes later for, oh so many of the Graduates... and for some... they never do the 5K in 30 minutes... often out of choice:)

Just run and enjoy the trip to the podium, there will be time to move on after the party :)


I am finding it difficult to read your post because of the picture! I am squeamish :(

Anyway, well done for getting to week 9- Fabulous job! Don't worry about speed and distance, that can come later :)


Thats my foot after race walking 85 miles non stop in about 20 hours. Hundreds of Manx people attempt it every year, and if you finish, your feet can end up like mine have several times.



Thanks for sharing!


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