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Week 9, Run 1 - Running in the light!


No, not running towards the light at the end of a gruelling run... :P

Hello everybody!

So today I ran Week 9, Run 1. I managed to escape work at a decent enough time to escape the worst of the traffic and get home so that I could run in the daylight. I took the same route I have done for the past 9 weeks (I want to experiment with different routes after graduation), which I enjoy because it starts out facing West. The sky was a beautiful blue and I was running towards what would soon be the sunset. It gives me something nice to focus on for part of the run.

I wasn't nervous as Laura told me to begin the 30 minute run - 2 extra minutes seems like nothing now. I think adding a couple of extra minutes onto my runs might be a good way to go after graduation, but I haven't given it much thought. Granted, my legs did feel a little heavy at around the 10 minute mark, but I prevailed. No Gremlins tonight, which is a good thing. In fact, my mind was totally switched off during the run. I was just enjoying taking in my surroundings and going forwards. It was such a relief, as this week work has been so full of drama it could win it's own Oscar. My mind had been whirring with moral dilemmas, union meetings and the like, but running distracts me from that. I try to think and focus on something, and I actually find it quite hard to do when I run. So I let it happen, because this is the weekend and I want to be able to relax on my weekend, not worry about what's going on at work!

At around the 20 minute mark, I developed a stitch! Fortunately it wasn't a bad one and I was able to breathe it away (if that makes sense?). I extended my route a little bit. I've been going back on myself on my route, which is why I'd like to come up with a different one. I'll spend some time looking at Google Maps this weekend, maybe.

Although I was doubtful as to whether I'd be able to finish in style this run, I managed it. It wasn't a full-on sprint, but I certainly upped the pace. I held back a cheer as Laura told me to slow down to a walk. 'I've practically graduated', I thought to myself, and I beamed.

Runkeeper let me know I beat a couple of new personal records today - most calories burned and furthest distance (3.16 miles, including both walks). They both make sense as it's the first time I've ran for 30 minutes. I think as long as I can run 5k in 40 minutes or under, I'll be pleased. If I recall correctly, Runkeeper told me I'd ran for about 2.88 miles as I started my cool down walk, so maybe another 3-4 minutes would see me achieve 5k. Maybe when I graduate I'll set up Runkeeper so that it tells me once I've reached 5k, and then I'll take it from there.

Going forward, I feel really positive about the rest of the week. Tomorrow I'm going to do a fair bit of walking as I need to go into town and buy my mom a mother's day present, and my Grandad something for his 80th birthday (!) next week, which I'll track using Runkeeper, too (may as well, it all counts!). I really do feel like a runner now, which I never thought I'd be able to say about myself. I'm going to recommend this plan to a close friend from university, as she's signed up to a 5k in the summer but suffers from asthma and so needs to gradually build up her fitness. I hope it will be as enjoyable and useful for her as it has been for me so far!

Also, I have a confession to make. Reading through people's posts, a lot of people have had enough of Julie. I have to confess that I adore Julie and want more! :D

I hope that everyone else has been able to enjoy their runs this week so far! Good luck to you ParkRunners over the weekend :)

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I read this in awe! I'm going to start week 4 tomorrow and worrying about doing 5 minutes :o)

yamiskoiGraduate in reply to Hidden

Pam, I felt exactly the same as you when I started week 4! And then when I started week 5 I was really anxious about the 20-minute run. Just take it easy and you'll get there, and you'll find that you start enjoying the longer runs more than the shorter ones. The plan really does equip you well for the challenge of the next week. Just keep telling yourself that you can keep going and you'll be fine :) Good luck!

Hidden in reply to yamiskoi

Thank you, I did it and of course it went ok. But it never ceases to amaze me how much power the brain has over the body 😊


You can have my share of Julie, if you want. Consider it a graduation gift. :D

Congratulations for your new PBs. :)

yamiskoiGraduate in reply to secan

Yes please! I can be the 'you and Julie' he talks about being sick of! :)

secanGraduate in reply to yamiskoi

I doubt it; I do not see how anybody could be sick of you ;)

That's a nice post you've written, it sounds like you're doing great. Well done for taking up the challenge and you can now see the finish line, there are a lot more running adventures for you to enjoy after graduation! 😊


Lovely post , very positive ! The finishing line awaits !

I think Julie's great too ! Ha ha ! :-) xxx

yamiskoiGraduate in reply to poppypug

Yes! Another fan of Julie :D xD I just find the tune so motivating, I don't know why. Thanks for your comment - I am so excited to graduate! :)

Brilliant Yam, well done for a great start to week 9, nearly there! Lovely post and you're doing really, really well with your distance too, that's great! do hope your friend takes up C25K, I'm sure you'll have inspired her/him to go for it, it's working out just beautifully for you.

Sympathies for the stitch :( Had a terrible one on my W9R2 today, thought I was going to have to stop and heaven forbid repeat the run, only just made it. Never knew a stitch could be so ouchy! Well done for pushing through that x

yamiskoiGraduate in reply to Running-scared

I know, right? I just tried to take those deep breaths, the kind which push out your tummy a bit. I probably looked more than a bit daft, but it made me feel better :) I can't wait for us both to graduate! I'm genuinely really excited :)


What a lovely positive post☺ I too, find I let go of the days stresses when I am running. Good luck with your graduation run - look forward to reading your "I did it! " post!


Sounds lovely!


Well done, not long now 😁

I'm really curious about Julie though. I'm going to have to download the podcast....

yamiskoiGraduate in reply to PumpKim

Most people have had enough of (me and) Julie, truly! But I can't get enough of her :-D

Sarah-AGraduate in reply to yamiskoi

Yes - I like that track too. :)

Week 9 taken in your stride yamiskoi,

Very well done. It feels like the beginning rather than the end doesn't it... :) :)

Keep going that badge is in your grasp now.x


Lovely and inspiring post!

I use a mix of app and podcasts. Used the podcast this morning and really enjoyed the cheesy music...

yamiskoiGraduate in reply to vivster

It's not my usual cup of tea, but I think the songs are pretty good at getting you into a rhythm and encouraging you to keep on going :-) But in saying that, I am really looking forward to running to my own music after graduation!

Well done you're doing brilliantly!😊


Great post yamiskol :) you have embraced the program and now seeing the results of your hard work :D

It is great to see your progress and how positive you are :)

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