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Week 8/9 run

Hi all

I went out last night with the intention of doing week 8 run 3.

When I started 9 weeks ago I had signed up for a big fun run in Liverpool to keep me motivated and stop me quitting. With some missed runs and delays I have somehow managed to get the timing of my graduation run to be the fun run this saturday!

As week 8 is running for 28 minutes and the furthest I got in 28 minutes was just 4k I was a tad worried.

So last night I decided to just run for 5k no matter how long it took. I thought this would allow me to prepare for the run on saturday and not resort to walking at the end due to being shattered :)

It worked. I ran 5k last night in 35 minutes which I think is great for my first time. I would obviously like to get it down to 30 minutes or under but for the first time doing a 5k I was suprised and pleased. I am still a little concerned about the time of the race. I run of an evening after work when its a bit cooler. The race is at 11 so it will be warmer but I guess I will take it a little slower.

So now I'm looking forward to graduation. I'll do another 5k on wednesday and keep it at a nice pace so as not to get an injury. I have been well and truely bitten by the running bug and am looking forward to post graduation runs, maybe even trying for a 10k before the end of the year ;)

Thank you to NHS C25K and to Laura (for the most part, although I do just listen to my own music now there are no intervals)

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Well done! Your time is pretty good for your first 5k. I wouldn't worry at all about your time on Saturday, you may be a bit quicker (adrenaline and people cheering you on are great things!) but even if you aren't its a very respectable time given you've only been at it 9 weeks, you'll be far from the last one round the course!

Good luck!


Thank you! Can't wait for saturday! Taking part in sporting events has never been my thing but since i started running its given me so much more confidence!


You might be surprised, having someone in front of you will probably drag you along! Bare in mind that that can be a bad thing, keep your pace in check for the first half, then see what you have left for the 2nd

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WOW!!! I think that's a really good time. I only cover 3.4 k in 30 minutes. I hope you enjoy your fun run at the weekend. Good luck and let us know how you get on


Hi bjammin! I'm not into stats yet but it sounds like you are well on track to do your 5K comfortably. Judging by the replies you've had you'll benefit from running with others.GOOD LUCK for your run and let us know how you get on!


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