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Week 9 run 1 yipppeeee!!!


I finally managed to get out there and do it!! Hubby talked me out of it Monday night, I've been so tired and stressed with other aspects of my life, so it didn't take much to talk me out of it!!! So last night I was determined, and when he suggested I rest and go next night I told him to stop putting me off and just went for it. I wasn't expecting to manage 30 mins because its been at least a week if not more since last run. Laura gave up not long after starting, so I decided to just run as long as I could and see how far I'd gone after, (got strav running). To make me keep going I gave myself goals all the time, "just get to fire station and see how you feel" etc. Well when I really couldn't do anymore I checked strava, and only went and ran for 32 whole minutes!!!! Didn't manage 5k in that time, but 4.5 k is pretty darned ace for a 52 yearold who was close to 3 stone overweight this time last year, and had major op in September with 3 months off work to recuperate. Proud isn't the word!!!!

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Great stuff, Cola65 :D Sounds like the perfect start to week 9!

Cola65Graduate in reply to RainbowC

Definitely RainbowC, I was feeling a bit deflated and didn't think I'd get this far to be honest......now I'm on cloud 9 today!! Lol.


Incredible! Well done you 🙌

Cola65Graduate in reply to Flaraflarkin

Thanks Flaraflarkin!!


Well one! :)

Cola65Graduate in reply to SuperMouse

Thanks SuperMouse!!


Well, done, graduation is within touching distance now.🤩🤩

Cola65Graduate in reply to Jell6

I know Jell6, can't believe I've got this far tbh!! Couch to 5k definitely works, wow!!!

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