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Needing inspiration

So a bout 4-6 weeks ago I went to the doctors as I was still having pains in my shins (I'd stopped c25k) when I was walking.

I saw a physio and she couldn't find anything when she manipulated my feet and legs - she came to the conclusion it is shin splints. She said that I should progress through the runs more slowly, so maybe repeat the week 2-3 times before moving on to the next week/more difficult run.

Problem is, I'm now finding it very difficult to get back into it! I know how good I'll feel once I've done a run, and I've joined back at the gym so I can mix up outdoor and treadmill running as well.

Ive just lost all motivation. Any inspiration or motivational tips are much appreciated!

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Could you possibly start again along a nice flat seafront somewhere, with the sea breeze caressing your face? I think after 5 minutes of that, and maybe some lovely music in your ears, you will be sold to running again.... good luck!


That's a good idea! I can just build a beach day trip in for my run 😄

I have no shortage of lovely places to run as I live in the Yorkshire Wolds in the week and Durham on weekends - I just seem to have lost my spark!

Seafront sounds like a good plan. I'm currently in Jersey this week with work so may have to try and find time to squeeze one in.


What about just starting say week 1 on a treadmill at low speed, say 3kph walk and 6kph jog, depending where you got to previously you could try doing 2 runs of each week to build back up to where you were, I say treadmill as you can then control the gradient that you are running on to keep it easy.


That's a good idea, as much as I try to control my pace/impact I think I must be pushing more than I can deal with and running on harder surfaces. Treadmill training sounds like good idea. May then look at building back up to outside

Thanks LeeU 😊


I'm going to try a different tack: if you don't run, what will you do for your health? If the answer is nothing or just a vague idea, you had better run. The nothing answer is a bad answer, and if you're anything like me that's the answer that you've had for years. The health doesn't come on its own, you have to work for it. The rewards are wonderful: extra years of life, less sickness generally, more endurance and capacity to enjoy what life has to offer. It's your choice, but to me the answer is pretty clear :-)


I like that idea!

I have a pretty active job (Dog Trainer for a charity) so I cover 5-8miles walking a day)

However I wanted to do something different to tone up, get out more (without dogs) and I'm aware that over time my body will get used to the base exercise I'm doing now

Health benefits can't be argued with, I just needed the kick up my bum to get me moving 😆


Thanks all, I'm going to try and get back on the programme this weekend. My legs may give up on me after walking for nearly 8 hours yesterday, but I'll see how I go!


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