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Well there is no more walking from now on, run 2 of week 6 completed this morning at a much more comfortable temperature, that's the weather obviously not me! But I am delighted that I have inspired others to take on the C25K challenge, a friend who was shocked to the core when I told her what I have been up to and she has already begun. But best of all my hubby came home from work yesterday with a pair of running shoes, he plans his first run for tomorrow morning and apparently I'm his inspiration. He did also add that he figured if I could do it - he damn well could too πŸ˜€

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Ha ha, great to be an inspiration for others! Not so sure about hubby's comments - cheeky so and so!

I know maybe I should buy him some of Oldfloss 's purple leggings and tell him they are compulsory. His favourite colour is normally black πŸ˜€

OldflossAdministrator in reply to OldPossum

Well they are pretty purple leg, and one grey and black...:) I have Tigger ones... and some aqua swirl. and a sassy pair of multicoloured bubble-pattern crops which I am saving for France...

He needs to move a way from the black...tell him bright colours are the new black... ( a bit like slow is the new fast! )

OldPossum in reply to Oldfloss

That sounds like an amazing selection. Maybe if I had Tigger ones I could bounce πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

OldflossAdministrator in reply to OldPossum

Oh my.. yes.. although.. I had Tigger shoes that went with the leggings and I had an 'incident'.. you would have to read my past post.. 'That's what Tiggers do best'. and the following one.. it ended badly.. :(..but was funny.. afterwards :) )


Well done on completing today's run and for inspiring others to follow your example.

just trying to decide whether to go out right now.

Go on its lovely out there this morning. Or at least it is here in Essex πŸ˜€


Not only a runner but an inspiration too :) How this running thing changes us. I read everyone's posts and get uplifted every time. Go you!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to McFitty

It is like that isn't it... I love it!



Well done on the run it is nice to no longer have walking intervals you can just concentrate on the runs(shuffles) sounds like your hubby doesn't want be left behind by you so is getting a bit competitive.

I graduated in May and my husband has also taken up running again. When I say 'again' it is kind of misleading, because he never really was a runner. He runs one 5k race every year in August with his colleagues, and a few weeks before he runs twice or so, just to make sure he can still do it in less than 30 minutes. He ran three times now and is much, much faster than me. How come he does not have to work for it? Quite annoyingπŸ˜ƒ.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to PippiRuns

Just sheer luck! :)

UllyrunnerGraduate in reply to PippiRuns

That really is infuriating! Tie his laces together!

OldPossum in reply to PippiRuns



That is so great.... :) Well done!

Glad your run went well too.. I was out at 6 and it was a a balmy 17.9, not unpleasant.. and the fields were beautiful!

As for naughty husband.. let us see if he is still so confident when the going gets tough..:)

I am sure you will be an inspiration for him... Lovely :)


That's great - you have obviously really impressed others! You will soon have your own little running group as well as your virtual buddies on here!


This is amazing - well done you for inspiring others! Spreading the C25k word is a bit of an obligation I think considering all the good it does for us! :)

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