Maybe injury, maybe just needing a wee break

After my graduation a week and a half ago, I gave myself two days off, and then signed up for a 10k and a half marathon, and started the training for the 10k which is in August. As I had been running 33 and 34 minutes to get to 5k during week9, I thought that 40 minutes would be a suitable first step.

First run went fine. A bit achy in the legs and knees, but nothing I hadn't felt before. Second run the same. Third run was over the weekend when we were on a camping trip to Scarborough, so I had the pleasure of running uphill for half the run. That was a new experience for me (gasp, how do people do it?!), and after the run my legs and knees hurt just a little more than earlier in the week, but again nothing that worried me. However, it's now 4 days since and I can still feel a dull ache in my left knee occasionally, and the muscle on the outside of my left knee is aching when I reach for the clutch when driving.

I'm signed up for a 23 mile hike on Saturday, so as much as it annoys me, I have decided to take the rest of the week as a break from the running, and then start again next week with 35 minutes rather than 40. Hopefully that'll ease me back into things again.

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  • I'm with you on the knee pain. There are three of us here on crocked knees at the moment. Mine was caused by a long walk but it's nothing serious and I think taking things easy will sort it. The pain in my knee is on the outside too. If your knee still hurts I wouldn't walk 23 miles on it but I know these things are difficult to get out of if you're committed. 35 or 40 minute run - there's not that much difference so I shouldn't worry if you don't quite make it. You can always have a rest day and then attempt it again. It's best not to try and advance too quickly and then risk injury.

  • Thanks for your reply, misswobble. Good to hear I'm not the only who believes in rest :) Even if it annoys me.

  • I know! It annoys the hell out of me too but I'm at a funny age. LOL

  • Are u doing 10k JT run in York? Me too! I think u deserve a bit of time off xx

  • I certainly am! Got the just-giving page set up and everything, so all I need to do now is get in shape. Hope to see you on the run :)

  • Yes. What fun to know of another c25ker on it too! I have to set my Just giving page up. Will do it next week. Take some time off and remember we are only supposed to increase by 10% weekly xxx

  • Sorry to hear about the niggles - sounds as though a break will do you some good. Good luck with the training for your races when you get back to running again. Best wishes.

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