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Hi folks, I'm just about to start week 4 which I never thought I'd get to. It's been suggested that I post something I posted as a reply earlier today as it could be a source of inspiration to newbies and people thinking of starting so here it is. "I've gone from being an alcoholic, 4st overweight and with serious mental health problems to a balanced slightly fit person and lost 18lbs in just 2 months!!! Proves the point that anyone can do it as people told me when I was thinking about starting. The benefits are totally unbelievable!!! Once I got "I can" in my head instead of the old "I can't" Everything changed for me and I've come too far now to go back 😁"

You really can do it as if I can, trust me, you can!! ☺️

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Jmax03 in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks for the idea

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jmax03

I shall point newbies in this direction..folk worry about beginning and posts like this can help..

Jmax03 in reply to Oldfloss



Absolutely wonderful job Jmax. You have several victories already and it’s only gonna get better. Very inspiring stuff... keep enjoying it... and yes, without any doubt, you can!


Thanks for that, I have just joined & a bit nervous about starting, but I went out this morning & did the 1st pooch to 5k, give or take & survived 😊 it's the timings I struggle with, how do you manage them?

Jmax03 in reply to Joanney69

Awesome, you did better than me on my first run. I only managed a total of 2 minutes running and couldn't breathe properly for 5 minutes!!!! As for the timing and other things I've just been watching as many videos as possible to keep improving my technique. And the advice you'll get on here from experienced people is great. Just keep going and if you can't complete a full session don't get down about it.... just push yourself to do whatever you can and you'll find it amazing how quickly your body will improve πŸ˜€

Joanney69Graduate in reply to Jmax03

Thank you 😊


One word - Inspirational!


Brilliant ! Well done on your journey so far πŸ˜€ keep running keep being positive and keep posting πŸ˜€


Thank you for a very inspirational post. Well done and keep it up!!


Kudos Jmax03, that takes some serious mental and emotional strength x Thank you for posting and wishing you continued success πŸ’–

How amazing well done x

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