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Today I have held a London Marathon 2016 Medal.  I have 2 friends who achieved this on Sunday.  They are both just normal women with families like me and you.

Talking to the amazing lady who brought her medal into work she started just like us, walking, running. 3 years on and a London Marathon medal is in her hands.  Her time was 4hrs 22. 

Wow is all I can say she beat her personal challenge time and yes said it was tough but the experience was amazing and she loved every second. 

Today I was told the person who as yet to do a parkrun or race for life will achieve this as long as they prepare

For the first time in my life the fat useless girl at sport really believes that anything is possible. Just need to be brave forget the school insults and continue doing what I'm doing.  

I now run in day light don't cross the street or change direction when I see somone approaching. Ignore the kids in the park ( to be fare it's only the odd individual who has somthing to say on very rare occasions) . 

I love the new found me and wish I'd found this year's ago. Thank you C25K group yes I still need encouragement and my next big step is a park run but I have registered just need the support to take the next step and DO IT

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Hi there, yes the London marathon and events like it are inspirational.  I watched the coverage on Sunday and the commentators were very much enthusing that 'anyone' can do it, they even had a spot about couch to 5k.  One of the very key things they said though was, 'anyone can do it, if  you want to' - Emphasis on 'if YOU want to' 

It's an amazing achievement, I have met people who have done it, and keep doing it, and I know people who have done it and hated it 'never again',  I don't want to run a marathon. But the confidence that some physical activity and improved fitness has given me is great.  Parkrun is the same, I hope you will go, and soon, it expects nothing of you other than to go along and join in, do it, do it soon, you'll love it, I promise.


Great post and I also wish that I had done all this years ago but better late than never and we probably appreciate it more now than we would have done then.  I really recommend taking the plunge and doing a park run, there is no pressure and if you have to walk for parts of it you certainly won't be alone.  I found that the encouragement you get as you go round and the feeling that you are part of this totally crazy running community is amazing, and when you have done it you feel a bit more like a "real runner"!  Go for it you'll be glad you did.


I don't often post on here now although I am a regular Quester but I just wanted to say that I know of at least 10 people who ran the London Marathon this year and 5 or 6 who ran Brighton - and I met each and every one of them on either this forum or on the c25k Facebook page.   Most started less than 4 years ago and many are of more mature years! I'm 58, started running here on August 2013,  and ran 10 miles in the Great Edinburgh run a couple of weeks ago. Long enough for me but I am still very chuffed with that. 

I'm telling you this because Anything Is Possible! 

You have found the new you now and she will grow and grow. C25k is truly transformational and you are proof of that. Do go to park run, it is a big step but it's a great atmosphere.  Happy running and a huge well done :)


nice post... good luck wherever the journey takes you 



yes you can, and there are quite a few of us lurking here who have ( I started running 3 years ago having had a life of no exercise), and if you would like to train for a race ... or a marathon then do join our group here and we will support you:

It is so amazing how life changing this all is... xxx


Well done to you.  You should be justifiably proud of yourself. It's great this running lark. It empowers us in all sorts of ways doesn't it.  So glad that so many of us have seen the light and cracked on with running.  It's amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it.  I think we can hold ourselves back with our preconceived ideas and worries about being seen in lycra, folks tittering at us, we might get hurt or we might .........  etc etc

We might just make a success of it in spite of ourselves. Go us!   Go YOU too of course.  Parkrun is great.  Set out to enjoy yourself and you will. Like-minded folks, all ages, shapes and sizes, all just out for a run in the park. Hot drinks and bacon sarnis afterwards.  Love it!


Where abouts are you based? There maybe someone on here in a similar position, just wanting a little encouraging nudge to take the next step, or even a Parkrun fanatic who would welcome your company?


I agree with all the posts -I graduated at end February and have since done two parkruns.  I actually live on the parkrun circuit at the top of a hill that is covered twice - that makes it easy for me to get there!    It is really well run and the stewards are SO encouraging at key points.  I have only managed a time of 37 minutes but hope to try another, flatter course next week to get a PB!    Go for it!   I am 56 and have NEVER done any exercise in my life except yoga, and I only started that two years ago.  Who cares what we look like -we look at damn sight better than those sat on the couch!!


I think that this speaks for most of us.  I started off in February by waiting until it was dark before I left the house.  I got to week 4 and no longer cared - I run morning, noon or evening - whatever is best for me.  I'm late 40's and overweight but I no longer give a monkey's chuff what anyone else thinks - head down and go for it.  I'm heading for a park run on Saturday for my graduation run (hopefully).

I also would never want to run a marathon - I know people who have done lots and I am not willing to commit that amount of time to training.  For me, it's more about getting off my arse and being more active and having the confidence to do it.  Anyone who is on any week of couch to 5k, has got over the biggest hurdle of confidence to exercise in public - that is a MASSIVE achievement in itself and cannot be underestimated 

Massive group hug to everyone of us :)


A friend celebrated her 60th birthday in January, and completed her first marathon in London on Sunday! She started with C25k just 2 years ago.  She is trying to convince me that if I have the slightest inkling, I should do it!  (I don't have the slightest inkling to do one at the moment... Got to get comfortable at 5k first, then work towards my first 10k in October.  But who knows....?) 

Get yourself off to Parkrun - it's wonderful 🏃


You know what? I really needed to read this today. Thank you. Xx

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