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Soo feeling pumped up after Fridays run decided to go for a jog with my youngest last night. Started off with a little apprehension as hurt my knee on Friday a little but kept going and did whole 25 mins. Even did an extra minute! However my knee/calf is quite sore today despite putting some ibugel on it. Sat at a desk all day and it's just stiffening up. Was hoping to finish week 7 off tomorrow as going oh hols Thursday but although am feeling really good about week 7 but not sure if I need to rest or not.

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Take the rest, don't pressure yourself, it isn't worth it. And you could sneak your trainers into your packing just in case you feel the urge. Aching is considered to be okay, but pain is not. You know your bod best, but please don't stress yourself about extending the week. The programme weeks aren't strictly calendar anyway... take care and hope the leg comes good for when you decide to run


Thanks Jan it is just so stiff and achy so gonna put some ice on it tonight. It's around the knee area I so need to warm up properly. I'm only doing 5 mins walking to warm up and no stretching.


Hey I'm no expert by any means but as I recall the rule is stretch after and not before the run. Apparently that does your muscles damage....let me see if I can get you the link it's here somewhere.


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