W7R2 done

W7R2 done and this was the latest run I have done yet. Back from a governors' meeting at school around 8.20 meant I didn't get out till half past. But I wanted to do it and get the middle run of the week sorted. It was too dark to use the park so I took another route through the village for the first time. It was probably as flat as my usual route so the terrain was not an issue but perhaps I wasn't as able to judge things as easily as I do in the park. That said I ended up with the same 4.26 km as on Sunday, so I was pleased about that. Even better was my consistent pace: almost a metronome! (5.54, 5.51, 5.54, 5.54 per km lap times: weird or what?) I'd love to get the times down and the distance up but I've got to think stamina, endurance first. And I am sticking by Laura's instructions to do this. Couple of days off till I complete Week 7 and the funny thing is I do wonder about those extra three minutes in the W8 runs. Keep running!!


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14 Replies

  • Well done you – haven't done any night running yet myself!

    The final weeks will fly by and 4.26 km in W7R2 is really great. You'll easily be doing 5K by the time you get to W9R3.

  • Well done janda, you're definitely on course for a sub 30 5k!! My best pace seems to be just over 6 minutes and when I run below 6 minutes I get into trouble with my breathing. But I'll keep trying!

  • Well done janda! I run after work too and cant believe how dark it is getting now so early which means my park will be too dark to run in very soon. I ran in it on Wednesday night and was afraid I was going to get locked in!!

    I havent recorded any stats yet; just concentrating on stamina but with my W6R3 tomorrow I think I will map my route and see how far 25 mins gets me - will be interesting!

    Good luck on W7R3!

  • well done, I have been lucky and not needed to run in the dark so far, but I'm not looking forward to it. These dark damp evenings are where your will power really comes into play, especially after a hard day at work so double congratulations, one for getting out there and one for another successful run under your belt.

    p.s. I wish I could run as fast as you........I'll get there one day, I'll be champing at your heels :-)

  • Well done Janda. What is it with these distance figures that everyone is taliking about? I was under the assumption that the run that you do is the distance you need to cover, or am I missing something? So I assume that when i complete week 9 that I have run 5K. Are you supposed to have a pedometer and keep on running until you've covered the distance, irrelevant of the fact that you have completed the run successfully? Can someone please enlighten me as I am confused, but that just might be my age, lol!!

  • Hi. I use a run-tracking app on my phone to track my speeds and times. It is called Endomondo and it allows you to play the podcast at the same time while using GPS to map the route. It is really very useful. So, I can see how far I have run, how long I was out (as long as laura tells me!) and works out the maths on speed, pace, calories burned, and how much I need to re-hydrate. It also creates graphs showing my pace and even the altitude. Oh, and much more than that.

    BUT you don't NEED to have any of this. You just need to run and enjoy it. I'm sure it's not your age. If I've got this far at 51 I'm sure most other people can.

    The C25k programme is about getting your endurance and stamina sorted first so that by week 9 you are running 30 minutes with no breaks for walking. Distance and speed are not important as this point: just the time. Good luck.

  • Hi janda, Thanks for the explanation. I'm not interested in speeds etc., just want to get fit and lose weight, so I won't be getting any of those apps. hezabelle, I know, feels the same and so does eshza14, so I'm not alone with that view. I'm running-but not fast, more a fast jog if that makes sense and for me that's fine. I'm achieving what I want to achieve-to be able to run again and lose weight, 5kgs, so far. I aim to lose another 10kgs over a period of time, but not fussed how long it takes as long as I look good for my son's wedding on March 30th. At this going rate I should just about make that target, so will be happy with that. Stamina is already improving-I can run without huffing and puffing, and I don't wheeze anymore when I'm climbing a hill or the stairs and can happily brisk walk for an hour or more. I have not required my inhaler half way through since I started week 2-one hell of an achievement. Add it all up and endurance and stamina are improving at a steady rate. I know that I am looking good now. I had my sister here at the weekend and she noticed I had lost weight, and I gave her a run for her money when we went out for a walk. My culottes that I wear for running have a tie at the top, and this morning I was laughing-I had to tie it a lot tighter, or they'd have fallen down-what a treat for the dog walkers, lol!! Can't wait for C25 to really hammer home the stamina and endurance-nail them properly.

    I'm 63, by the way.

  • The programme gets you running for 30 minutes which is roughly 5k. However, many of us don't manage the 5k in 30 minutes, hence the speed/stamina/stepping stones podcasts. It's something to aim for once you've graduated. Running for 30 mins is a fantastic achievement so not to worry about the distance just yet. It will come.

  • Thank you Diamondwitch-I will download those tomorrow, then I have them ready to go in 2 weeks time.

  • Well done Janda. I'm not sure I could run in the evenings, I don't like lunchtime runs so evenings are just unimaginable.

  • So, mornings only? What sort of time is your running time? Mornings are impossible for me: I take too long getting myself sorted out in the morning and I leave home before 7, so it doesn't leave much opportunity. I'd need a five o'clock run to do it I reckon.

  • RUN JANDA RUN!!!!! :-) You are running straight for that week 8!!!! :-)

  • Cheers! I hope so.

  • As Laura would say-You can do it!!

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