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What a beautiful morning! Couldn’t wait to get my gear on and go out for my run.

Warm sun on my face. No wind. Must have changed counties!!!!! ;)

Walked a little further than usual so I didn’t have to run as much on the road where there’s not much grass verge. And guess what? I nearly made it to the same place that I ran to on Friday. So must not have been as slow this morning!!!

Yippee :D !

However, I don’t know what it is! I’ve tried to understand what’s going on and can’t! My mind is playing tricks on me. I’m not THAT out of breath. My legs aren’t THAT tired. I’m not THAT exhausted. But, I just have a constant battle to not give up and just keep going. I wrestle with these feelings all the while I’m running. I might stop, no I won’t! I might stop, no I won’t! Blah, blah, blah………!

I'm getting on my own nerves with this carry on :x

Anyhoo, I won’t stop, I can’t stop, I’ve come to far to give up now! One more run and then onto Week 8. Lawks a mussy who’d have thought it? :D ...xx

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Well done!

Just done the day myself yesterday. :)

I just think of what I would have given to get to this point exactly a year ago. Keeps me from arguing with myself. Saves the wildlife from being afraid of me. :P

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to nchunc

You're right nchunc ! This time a year ago, I was fatter, very unfit, unhappy with myself - you know the dance! :( But now, I can run for 25 mins and cover nearly 2 miles! What a difference a year makes...xx


Wow, well done you. Believe me, you are not alone with the constant 'battle of the mind'. I have had runs where I haven't stopped talking to myself! "Do my legs hurt? No they don't. So why do I want to stop. I don't. I do. Shall I? No? But I'm SO tired, well actually I'm not. Oh for goodness sake!"

As long as we don't stop, we're okay :)

One more run and week 7 will be done. You'll be into the penultimate week and then graduation will be a sniff away. You just keep on keeping on (and we'll be keeping the champagne cold) :) :)

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to McFitty

Oh McFitty I feel quite emotional at the prospect of graduating :o ! Hope I don't have to leave you all when (not if!) I move on to the next stage ...xx

McFittyGraduate in reply to ANewMe2017

I graduated a while ago but I just hang around like a bad smell😂 I think I'm more addicted to the forum than the running!


Yeay! Go you.. well done.. squish those mind gremlins!!! little blighters!

Just keep going, slow and steady and you are getting closer to the Graduation podium and McFitty 's wonderful celebration party. I cannot wait.. loving the bubbly stuff!


ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

A spot of Champers is just the ticket!! I do hope you can all make it ;) ...xx

When I get to the point of thinking "I want to stop" I just pick a target nearby, 50 or 100 metres away, and tell myself I'll stop then if I really need to. "Come on, I've just run 1,000 metres, an extra 50 is nothing! Especially if I slow down [even further]." There have been times I have then quit but usually the "crisis" passes and I can at least set another short-term target.

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to Now-runner_NeedsAttn

Gonna try that short-term target jobby, thanQ...xx

ExmoorllentGraduate in reply to Now-runner_NeedsAttn

I've learnt to do this too, it's a really good tip! I usually get a bit competitive then as well, i.e. Well look, you made it here when you didn't think you could, let's do the next one!! (And yes, frequently talk to myself)

Now-runner_NeedsAttnGraduate in reply to Exmoorllent

Your secret is safe with us ;-)

ANewMe2017 - congrats on the run. I still have mine to do and am wavering quite badly. The clouds are getting greyer and greyer, the gremlins getting louder and louder. I'm struggling with my homework for tonight and my legs are still tired from Monday's run.

I need to find that plastic bag to put Laura in so she doesn't get wet, don't I ...

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to SlowSlowKwikKwikSlow

ThanQ Slow!!

Your legs might just need a little stretch (that's one thing I've not suffered from thankfully).

If you're struggling with your homework, go and do something else! Like RUN!!! Clear the mind!

Go get that bag for 'our Laura' and prove that you can do it - then you can rest easy! Look forward to your positive post ;) ...xx


Tee hee! I talk to myself a lot while I'm running. It helps pass the time I suppose. Yep, sometimes you just have to dig deep. Still, it is only a run, not life or death. I have to laugh because we can stop whenever we want. Who cares but us! You can slow down and catch your breath, and if necessary stop. No shame in having a breather. It's the way to go

I was out with the dawg this morning, layered up like Nanook of the wotsit and I ended up lathered! We're never right are we

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to misswobble

Yes misswobble , I even took my bobble hat off to get some cool air blowing through my 'do'!

I don't want to stop. Won't give myself permission to stop. Maybe I'll feel like I've not done the programme properly - dunno! Whatever it is, it's what's keeping me fighting on. One of these days, I'll enjoy it, I promise :p ...xx


I remember listening to a running podcast some time ago, don't ask where I found it has long since gone from my memory, however, it was about the psychology of running. It focussed on not thinking about how you are feeling or how far you have yet to do. But instead focus on what is good around you; "what a beautiful day, warm sun on your face, no wind" how great it is to be out doing what you are doing.

This positive slant makes a much more positive run. Thinking about how heavy your legs are, how hard it is to breath, just adds the mental weight onto them making them feel even more heavy and even harder to breath.

I wished I had kept it or even knew who it was that was being interviewed.

It might be something worth looking into, psychology of running.


Edit: Just found this, worth a read


ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to Qscout

Thanks Qscout that was an excellent read! Will read and re-read. Just shows how powerful the mind is...xx

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