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  • Oh no! How far did you get? Try not to beat yourself up about it - wk 5 run 3 is a massive psychological hurdle. Just put it down to a bad day (we all have them) and try again in a couple of days.

  • This is my 2nd attempt...I didn't even run for 2 minutes before I stopped...walked for about 20 seconds while I had a word with myself...set off again and ran for about 5 minutes, stopped for about 20 seconds...did this 4 times??!!!! I ran more this time than Saturday though but still, didn't complete it..think I'll go back to W5R1....not sure I can do that anymore now either....here I am, reading other people's posts & giving them advice??!! What a complete fraud!!!

  • You're not a fraud - you're just struggling along like the rest of us! It's only a week since I cracked wk5 run3 so it's very fresh in my mind. I thought there was no way I could do it, but that I would just see how far I got. I have Sanjeev Kohli in my ear telling me I can do it, but my gremlins are so much louder saying I can't! For me it made a big difference when Sanjeev said 'this run is much more a mental challenge than a physical one - if you've done the programme until this point your body is ready - it's just your head you have to convince' (or words to that effect). That helped me battle the gremlins, but it wasn't until I'd run for 15 minutes that I started to believe I might actually do it.

    It's all about building yourself up mentally. If it helps to go back to the beginning of week 5 then do it - it means you'll be even stronger by the time you get to run 3. Do you run to music? Maybe you could make yourself a 20 min playlist so that you can run to the end of the next song however many times it takes?

    Don't give up - you can definitely do it. After all you did run for 20 mins + with some short stops - you probably actually did more in terms of burning energy than the 20 min run!

  • I do run to music yes, this morning though I had Laura talking to me and her music playing, usually I have Michael & my own music so maybe that made a difference?! I am going to compose a new 20 min playlist & see if that helps...20 mins just seems like an eternity!!

  • Try a podcast instead of music maybe, worked for me, a better distraction

  • I was beginning to think I was the only one who used Sanjeev!

  • I'm a little bit in love with Sanjeev. Specially when he tells me he's proud of me πŸ˜„ β€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • Haha, yes, he's got a lovely voice :)

  • I did W5R3 on Saturday morning and for the first time had to walk when I should have been running but remember how far we've come. Come on girl we can do it ☺

  • Are you moving on Ericslad??? I am not peeking at wk 6 or that will just do it for me!!!

  • Im a fat old chap, 64, overweight, diabetes, raised blood pressure and never run before. I've had some really bad days but I'm determined, I will do it. Come on lass let's show them how it's done πŸ‘

  • πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ» you're on!!

  • Just remember how good you feel on the days when you've done it

  • No such word as f**l not used here you had what Irishjohn called a practice run. I don't know when you last ran but take an extra days rest regroup take it real slow and go out with the attitude I am going to do it. If you want to go back do W5R2 don't do the whole week again.

  • In my sulky state I forgot...practice run, I def need more practice..

    I thought I'd gone out with attitude this morning but must've been mistaken...the road ahead just seemed so long...I do think it's all psychological...

    I nearly tripped up over my bottom lip when I was walking back up my steps...oh well...I'm going to have two days rest & try again Thursday...thank you

  • Try a different route if you can doing the same circuit can be demotivating especially if you can see where you are running to and your brain is saying this is not testing me.

  • I'm running up a very straight, very long main road at the moment...I've been running it since last week...lots of landmarks on there for me to run past, might try the canal for a change of scenery.....πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Canal is good! Go for it!

  • I changed my route to the canal and I'm loving it so far, not saying I won't go back to the road or route I did before but I'm enjoying the change 😁 You can do it Mummycav πŸƒπŸ‘πŸ»

  • Personally, I find long straight stretches rather demoralising, I'd much rather go somewhere that I can't see a long way ahead all in one go. Canal for a change of scenery sounds like a good idea. As does an extra day's rest.

    My version of slowing down is to take shorter strides, don't know if that's something you might like to try?

  • I run up and down the Leeds Liverpool canal, very peaceful. I did W5R3 2 days ago, i thought it was impossible but staryed really slow and kept going 1 foot in front of the other, i had 4 Γ— 5 min plus songs on my phone, kept telling myself only 3 to go, only 2 to go etc, you've already done 8 mins twice so you CAN do this. Keep at ityoull get there, as in the ad keep a PMA positive mental attitude. Now go.and smash it

  • YOU CAN do this deep breaths and calm down and don't beat yourself up, sounds like you let the gremlins get to you

    You have passed every stage so far and it's designed for you to do that and move on, next time just slow your pace down (join me at snail minus 1) you can slow it down and take it nice and easy and if you hear those gemlins whispering in your ear tell them to bugger off, breath and onwards you go

    But remember nice and steady, one step at a time and you really can do this

    Come on Mummycav 109 we're all routing for you

  • Thanks rolysmate...I don't know what happens...you should see me on the 5 min warm up, I'm like the cock o'the north but then, something tells me I can't do it & once it's in there, it's in...I was looking around trying to get my mind to wander but nope, wasn't working....I can't get in 'The zone' at all...I'm having an extra day, reluctantly, before I try again....at snails pace -1 with you!!! Thank you 😊

  • Come on get this one out of the way and the rest just follows as once you've done this one the rest are JUST a couple of minutes more.

    Imagine we're all there with you (we will be in spirit) nice and steady and imagine we're all cheering you on because we are

  • I will...thanks πŸ˜‰

  • I was quite nervous before I did W5R3 too (I guess we all are). The night before I composed a playlist and worked out which song would play just before the end. Having this timed playlist really helped me. It is just the mental battle, you are definitely ready physically, and any little tricks will help. You can do this, we all believe in you ☺

  • It does seem like a massive jump from 2x8 mins to a full 20...I'm going to do the playlist thing & also finishing off with a certain song sounds like a good idea too...I know I've got it in me somewhere, I just need to find it!!! Thank you

  • It is not a massive jump.

  • I don't know if this helps, but here's the way I broke it down as not being a massive jump as IannodaTruffe has said.

    Week 5 Run 2, which I assume you've completed successfully (ie it wasn't what we call a "practice" run) consists of 8 mins running, 5 mins walking and 8 mins running again. If you add up the total you can see that it is 21 minutes (8+5+8) from the time you start running to the time you finish. That's actually a minute longer than the 20 minute continuous run, and so the total workout (with the 5 min warm up and cool down) is one minute shorter (30 mins) than for Run 2.

    Now you might say "ahh but you get a rest in the middle". Well from what I recall from my doing run 2, I found that after about a minute in the middle 5 minutes walking I found my breathing had returned to normal and I was raring to get running again (though I stuck strictly to it, and did the 5 minutes brisk walk). I think one of the advices from an early run is that you will find your recovery times get shorter as you get fitter.

    So I would approach it by saying to yourself that you have 1 minute less till that elated feeling you get when you know all the running is done.

    You said that you walked after 2 minutes and 5 minutes. This either means (a) you had a bad day - it happens to everyone, or (b) that it was purely psychological - your gremlins were telling you OMG I've got to keep this going for 20 minutes! Because you've already shown you can keep it going for 8 from the previous run.

    I think just about everyone dreads W5R3 - I know I did! But seriously it's doable; overcome the mental barrier by saying "only 20 minutes till I get the smug grin on my face, rather than 21!" (The big ones always left me with a smug grin).

    [ Slight qualification:] Actually I did stop for a few seconds in the middle of W5R3, but that was because I got lost! Tried to find the path between two houses that led to a field, and got the wrong two houses - stopped for about 3 seconds!

    Good luck - I am sure you'll do it and then go onwards and upwards.

  • I like your thinking..I did complete run 2 & yes, I did feel like setting off again after a couple of mins during the walk!!! I was surprised at the time too!!! I was elated!!!

    I think because I surprised myself with run 2 that's why I was soooo disappointed with run 3. I'll be thinking about your theory next time I'm out!!! Watch this space

    Thank you

  • Oh dear, you've done so well so far.

    Now then, you know you didn't f**l, you were sensibly practicing for your next run.

    Take an extra rest day if you need to then get your running shoes on and get out there.

    I'm going to get boring now but will say it all the same. Keep it slow, slow, slow, it does matter how far you run just keep moving.

    If the gremlins start to attack think about something else, plan your shopping list or next holiday etc to distract yourself, they hate it when you ignore they!

    You can definitely do this, go for it!

    Happy running!

  • Im just wondering here ..... 'cock of the North in warm up'..... mmmmmm, are you walking too fast and forgeting your main aims are the run sections? Dont walk so fast you are worn out when it comes to run.

    You can do this. We will all be shouting you on runner! Your practice run will have helped, it all counts!

  • Maybe walking too fast....but the determination in my walk isn't then matched in my run....I'm trying all of these tips from this morning next time...honestly, I love getting out there & feel like going out and having another go!!! Thank you 😊

  • You can do this - you just need to tell those pesky gremlins where to go go (usingwhatever language seems appropriate the Time!!). Maybe try a different mindset. You know you can run for 8 minutes, so think about it as an 8 minute run at the start,that may help you find you rhythm. Then you might surprise yourself. I always find the first 5 minutes the hardest, but after that time seems to go faster!

    I'm off out to do this run today (having jumped back to week 5 in an effort to reboot my body into being able to run for 30 mins) - just because I know I have done it before, doesn't mean I can necessarily do it again, but I'll give it go!!

    And if at first you don't succeed, try try try again! ;)

  • Thanks cookieM...did you do the run again?? It's always during the first 5 mins that the gremlins attack!!!

  • Yes - I went out earlier this evening. I'm not going to pretend that it was easy, but I did it! Yes, the first 5 minutes are tough, but by the time you get to 10 minutes you are in a rhythm. I play games with the podcast, trying to work out where I am going to be when Laura says 5 mins, or half way. Then she threw me by saying 2 mins left rather than 1!!! I was ready to stop when it got to the end, but it was doable- not easy, but doable ( and this from someone who knows she can run 30 minutes!!). βœ…

    One thing I did notice as I was nearing the end of the cool down walk was that Laura said if you haven't quite managed this run, don't get disheartened, just repeat the week 5 runs. 😊

    You can do this!!

  • Well done & thank you for the advice...and it helps knowing that it's still a bit tough for an experienced runner....

    I noticed her say that today too, that's why I thought I might repeat the week? It's hard not to feel disheartened, especially when I'd already tried the run on Sat morning too....I will see how I feel on Wed/Thurs...everyone's been so supportive!! I feel like I've had a virtual hug & a virtual kick up the backside!!!

  • We can provide either or both, depending on which is required!! ;)

  • Great advice from everyone..I noticed you say to Ericslad I'm scared to look ahead to see what happens in Wk6..

    Maybe you should..its not as scary as you think.

    You could be sabotaging yourself by thinking even if I do this run the next one is beyond me😯 It won't be. Trust the plan, having a peek at Week 6 might be reassuring for you.

    I think the 20 min run is best tackled by taking it 5 mins at a time. I'll just do 5 mins, that was ok, 5 more mins, still alright a bit tired, slow down a tad, I'll try 5 more, hmm my breathing feels more settled I can keep going there's only 5 minutes left... But give yourself permission to stop at any point if you need too...maybe you'll find you wont.πŸ˜‰

    I remember you said you have only one kneecap, is this affecting you at all physically or niggling at you a bit...

  • Thanks JNR...no, surprisingly, my 'knee' isn't bothering me at all...but...having said that, that again might be a psychological thing? I have always been careful where my knee is concerned because if I fall it causes me unbearable pain...I have no spring in that knee either so running is not a natural movement....I have dusted myself down now, picked my lip up off the floor & I am looking forward to trying again...thank you...I find reading everyone's stories on here inspirational & that keeps me going...I've had a lot of support this morning & lots of people have said how hard W5R3 is...mentally more than physically so I need to toughen up & stand up to those gremlins πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ₯Š

  • And you're right...I have just had a sneaky peek at wk 6 & it doesn't look bad at all....yey!!!!

  • I know...still intervals rightπŸ˜‰xxx

  • Yessssss!!! xx

  • It takes around 10mins to properly settle into a run. Physically you are well prepared by the weeks of stamina building interval run/walks you have been undertaking.

    Mentally you are on day one. You need to train your mind to handle the longer runs... and that is hard, because the only way you can convince yourself you can do it, is by doing it. Even then it still feels surreal.

    Think about why you stopped - was it physical pain, or the weight of the expectation, and the certainty that you could not do it?

    People talk about the gremlins, those little inner voices that tell you, you can't, that your not good enough. Ignore them, they are wrong. Don't think about the time. Go for a run and if you struggle, slow down a bit; and if you really struggle, just tell yourself you will make it to the next junction, and then maybe the postbox up the road, etc. before you know it you will hear you mentor telling you, "You've done it."

  • I think it was the certainty & weight of the expectation, def, it wasn't physical, I was a little bit breathless but noting that wouldn't have sorted itself out...I couldn't relax into the run at all, I was thinking '20 mins??????? Really????' In my head...when I've gone from a run consisting of 5 mins to a run of say 8 mins I can do it because 8 minutes really isn't that much longer but 20 minutes seems like yonks!!!! I'm going to try this run once more & if I don't do it I'm going to try R2 again, just to double check that I am ready physically....set up a new playlist, look for landmarks again & just enjoy a nice run...maybe along the canal...I long for the 'well done that was great' at the end when I've actually achieved it!! I wasn't that far off this morning but I think the first time I stopped was the biggest mistake because I didn't give myself enough time to get into the rhythm...thank you...I'm already looking forward to trying again

  • Then perhaps you can demystify the huge leap you feel you are taking:

    You are not progressing from 8mins to 20mins. If you ran only 8 mins then went home, and on the next run had to do 20mins, then I can see the jump. But...

    ... in reality you are progressing from 16mins running with 5mins walking interval (so 21minutes total) between, to 20 minutes running with no interval.

    4 extra minutes running, 5mins less walking - you've got this!!

  • Park it and move on. Trust the programme, take it ever so slowly and perhaps have some landmarks to look out for.... and counting helps, ?

  • I'll let you unto a secret wk5 run 3 floored me. I came home in tears. When I finally did I realised it was a mental problem I was having not a physical one. The day I did it I got to the point when my brain was screaming stop PLEASE stop! And I slowed down and I kept doing that, I was amazed that I could keep slowing down and still run but I could. Then all of a sudden the 20 min was up and I had done it, I'm not ashamed to admit I cried again. The other thing I did just before I completed that run was have a fun run. I just went out for 30 min and walked and ran whenever I felt like it, I took some of my own tunes and just took the pressure off, I found that really helped. As long as you do some walking in the 30min timeframe you won't be overdoing it and it will boost your morale to have a good run. Also you might be coming down with something our running tells us before it surfaces so just keep an eye out for that.

    Take care and don't lose heart you will do it

    πŸ˜€Rfc x.

  • This is so reassuring...thank you for sharing your secret! That's a good idea too doing a fun run..I could do that in the park, there'll be no time watching either..I'll d f give this a go...thank you

  • I did say don't bother leaving the house if you have any doubts.

    To then call this attempt a FAIL, is negative in the extreme. Each time you react in the way you do, you are reinforcing your own negativity and creating a mental block that is going to make it harder next time.

    Remove all anxiety. It is one run on a training plan, not life and death. You can only fail if you go back to the couch. Stop feeling sorry for your self and see this for what it is.....no big deal. Don't psych your self up.............. relax and go with the flow.

    You CAN do it.

  • Come on mummycav - a droopy lip tripping you up? Inner voices giving you gip? You've got this far and W5R3 is the infamous one, but honestly you are as well equipped as the rest of us were/are to do it. Think about how many kms you've already banked and how many minutes too. You haven't failed, put it down to experience. One of the things I spotted was that having a known route was both helpful and also a curse. Great when you are making progress, because you think oh last time I only got to that tree or whatever, then when it's not so good, you think oh crap last time I got further. Mix things up a bit, so you haven't got any mental milestones to meet. Get your head right and the legs will follow, as I write you have at least 37 people willing you on and countless more following your progress. Remember the car registration game, use it, count the trees, sing to the songs, mentally picture your route and use any tricks that make sense to you. Then please look at all the posts of that run when completed and see how delighted you will feel after each mini segment of 5 minutes is reached and when you do the full one.

    You are a strong, capable runner who has knuckled down and kept going. This one run isn't going to beat you, because you are already brushing yourself down and preparing to go again. How gutsy is that? Big hugs from here.

  • Thanks JCR...your experience shines through when you're giving advice & encouragement....I feel lucky to be part of this group & will take all the advice on board....it's reassuring to know that most people do struggle with this run & that it's not just me!!! Thank you...and keep on posting your stories, they make me smile x

  • Keep at it ❀️

  • I will..I really want to crack this x

  • Don't give up believe me it's worth it! I had gremlins singing operas in ears at various times. One thing I do is have a podcast running along with jo Wiley instead of music. Nothing like a bit of comedy or mindless current affairs to take your mind off things!

  • You can do it - I am 71 and will be doing that run tomorrow. Not looking forward to it but I have got to Week 9 a couple of times before in recent years and know that it is a hurdle which I (and you) will get past. I think it is a mental challenge. I find it goes better if I count in my head (a tip from Paula Radcliffe) Count 160 steps which is about a minute. Try to count these for twelve times. By the time you have got to twelve your mind will be so befuddled that you will lose track of how many counts you have made and while you are sorting that out, you will lose track of how long and far you have run. By the time you have sorted that out, you will be almost finished.

  • Sounds like a great plan Duddles...& 71??!! Wow....you are a force to be reckoned with...admiration overload here!!! Amazing....😊😊😊

  • I have been really lucky - I have been doing race walking for some years and initially my walk was quicker than my jog. I just never stopped playing sport, but running was something I neglected for the last twenty years in favour of racewalking. Sounds like you are walking quite fast - I have had to slow my walk down to about 8k/5mph to give me the energy for the longer runs. - maybe that is something that would help you. But if you 'fail' at running I recommend race walking. A great sport and camaraderie and all ages and abilities can compete together. By compete I mean 'taking part' because all you are doing is trying to beat yourself. The only thing hampering you on your 20 minute run is your mind. Distract it!

  • Just to let you know I have just finished Week 5(3). I put it off for a day because I was dreading it. Sort of said goodbye to my children, just in case..... and it was OK. Back now, feeling that wonderful after glow. In fact, I think it is easier than the two eight minute runs. It's all in the head. Good luck tomorrow - just keep going and I guarantee you will be amazed how easy it seemed.....

  • No fail on here MC! It's those pesky gremlins yes? They are little liars! push them out of the way and go forth! It's tough yes! Keep on pushing through, you'll will do it! Determination! 😊

  • Yes...they were extremely loud this morning & very persistent...I will def shut them up next time!!!

  • Yes, you must, as time goes by the gremlins I find do lessen, and I'm an anxiety sufferer...😊

  • If it's any consolation I had a similar problem on w5, think it really starts to get serious with the 20 mins, but you must not worry about it as worrying anxiety makes it much worse than it really is, take it from me and others here it's not really that bad!😊

  • No. Lose the word.... take the advice from the folk that have done it... IannodaTruffe and Realfoodieclub , davelinks and Jan-now-runs, and Jacs-W to name a few...slow down.... just warm up... relax and slow down....

    This is a journey... your journey... relish it. take each slow steady step.... thinking how far you have some... compared to none... your journey...too many rushing ahead... you do this.. at your own pace... and embrace each slow, steady wonderful step!

  • Thank you Oldfloss...I am enjoying the journey, I promise, but it's like life, there always has to be a test and W5R3 is mine...but it has been lots of people's too & just hearing that makes me feel so much better...knowing I'm not the only one....

    Slow, slower & slower still...I WILL crack this...because I want to x

  • You will., you really will.. I will be right there with you... by your side.... every single step!!!

    And.... I am back to running 5K now after being on the IC.... so I know we will do this ..tests.... bring them on. !!!! :)

  • I know you will...yay!! Nothing like a good test!!! Keeps us on our toes....& our feet kissing the ground x

  • Oooooo only just seen this.... No such thing as fail girl.... you got this... just keep at it never give up We are all right beside you πŸ’‹

  • It does... we all have challenges to face... but.. we are strong!!!

    I am woman... hear me roar!!!! :) x

  • I thought only my children brought out the lioness in me but now I find that running does too!!! Grrrrrrr...🦁

  • Dunno if it helps but I used mantras to keep me going. First half repeating "you can do it" second half repeating "the fastest way home is to run". Keeps the mind occupied! Another mind trick I used was calling myself names. "You can do this you @@@@@" working through the alphabet, the nastier the better!! I always got stuck on z though!! If your mind is occupied thinking of a horrible word your feet will keep moving by themselves!

  • Ha ha...I was kind of doing the name calling using reg plates of cars that passed me...z is a tricky one though so that'll keep me occupied!!! Thanks!!

  • How did it go Mummycav?

    Lots of great advice that I've also taken on board. The 20 mins is a huge mental barrier

    I got to W5 and have been struck by injury which is frustrating me.

    Let us know how you are getting on

  • Not very well I'm afraid...it is a psychological thing though...I tried it on Sat, ended up being a practice run, I was gutted as I'd gone out with such determination...tried again yesterday, again, a practice run...I was proper sulking!!! I think I'm going to repeat W5R2 just to make sure I am actually ready for R3...there are so many experienced runners on here & they've given me so much advice & support, I don't want to let them down...having read all the advice it appears that W5R3 is a struggle for quite a few so I don't feel alone tackling this....I WILL do it though because I want to...I'll keep posting 😊

  • Maybe you need to put an extra rest day in. I find a couple of days in between makes a huge difference

  • Yes, I'd normally go out every other day (Mon, Wed, Fri) but reluctantly I'm not going until Thursday, I say reluctantly because, and I never thought I'd say this in my LIFE, I so look forward to getting out there...thank you...

  • I guess everyone's gremlins are different but your post made me think about mine MC! I've decided to love them (don't hold me to it 😏) and see if they get nicer. All this gremlin-bashing - could get messy! (And tiring.) Above all - well done MC! You are a whisker away from flying πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Embrace a gremlin day!!! That's what we should all do...next time we go out!!!!

    Thank you for your encouragement Gillma...I soooo want to fly!!!! x

  • 😈 tried to cuddle mine and it went purple

  • Week 5 is more psychological than physical I believe. It feels like such a huge step up. You need to convince yourself that the plan has got you ready for this. It definitely has. So many of us have graduated thanks to c25k. Put this week behind you. Chalk it up as training runs. Start the week again if that's what you think you need to do. You can do it. Have faith in yourself.

  • I know it's in there somewhere!!

  • W5 R3 was by far the worst run for me - the psychological hurdle was massive. I repeated the whole of W5 a total of 3 times, and it was only on the 3rd attempt I ran the whole 20 minutes of the 3rd run without stopping. When I finally did it, my "running" was so slow I could have probably been beaten by a tortoise but I realised that didn't matter. I also remembered the advice from an earlier week not to "bounce" - which I realised I was doing and that was tiring me out quicker. Like you, the first 5 minutes were the worst - I got through them by distracting myself remembering a recent holiday in great detail! You absolutely can do this physically, you just need to get your brain out of the way!! Best of luck, I totally get where you're coming from - I was there myself a few weeks ago. I look forward to you posting that you've done it :)

  • Thank you so much Lizall...I'm so glad that people can empathise with me instead of thinking 'for god sake shut up and get on with it...' I repeated the whole of week 3 for god knows how many times as I couldn't see myself going any further...but then I joined this forum & was encouraged to move on....I cracked week 4 & the feeling was overwhelming!! I actually cried tears of joy!!! So when I didn't crack W5R3 I was so disappointed...but, I've had so much support & realised that it isn't just me, lots of people have struggled with this 'Big Bad Wolf' of a run...so I will just keep at it...like everyone else has x

  • You will crack this run - and if like me probably with tears of joy again - who would have thought running would be such an emotional rollercoaster! x

  • I know...!!!!! Love it though!!! x

  • Wrong word...I think you mean "practice". You'll get there another day πŸƒπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š

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