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W5R3 is so scary, but it's all the the build up. I spent an hour pontificating before I went out and the actual running is so straightforward! Week 1 was most definitely harder than this.

I enjoyed it so much I ran 25 minutes instead of 20. #smashedit

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Well done. There's so many impressive w5 finishes it helps us w4ers focus! Brilliant job. 😊

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Talulah1984Graduate in reply to

One run at a time Bam, when you get there it just clicks into place 😎

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Well done!! I felt pretty much the same when I did the same run earlier - it wasn't as bad as expected! Bring on week 6!!

Well done! Week 6 is on your plate. Go get it.

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Go Talulah! Well done! I'm a little ache-y this morning after my w5r3 yesterday but in a good way. We are runners!

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Well done, that run is a huge milestone, so you have done brilliantly, well done!!

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Well done Talulah.

I felt exactly the same when I did W5R3

I most definitely did not want to do 25 min, just scraping through 20 min was me sorted but chapeau to you. On to w6!

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Well done you! I'm glad you enjoyed it too :-)

Steady on old thing, you are in danger of being bitten by the running bug!!

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