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I hated every minute this morning, even the walking. I had only 4 hours sleep last night and was feeling drained and emotional. I did it though. So, do I progress to week 4 or should I repeat today's run with a better attitude. My legs were like lead this morning, I have walked 18 miles since Monday and done a kettle bell HIIT last night. Maybe I need a couple of rest days and run on Saturday.

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If you completed don't repeat. Nothing in the rules says you have to enjoy it, as long as you do it.

But yes, by the sounds of it you need a couple of rest days. Too much exercise can lead to injury - so give your body a break.

louisep76Graduate in reply to Whatsapp

I think you're right. I'll give W4R1 a go at the weekend and give the poor legs a rest



You wouldn't find me out running after a 4 hr night of sleep, let alone all the exercise you added to the equation. You finished the run, so it's done. Have a rest, then carry straight on :)

Hey your attitude worked out okay though, although you hated it, you did it and that speaks volumes about your commitment. So give yourself an extra day, or if you wake up and really feel like doing it, do it but take it nice and easy. I have my W3R3 tomorrow and I'm apprehensive - but if you can do it in an emotional state, then I can do it feeling slightly meh...

louisep76Graduate in reply to Jancanrun

Go for it!! Good luck. Slightly scared of week 4 😂😂


MAYBE? you need a rest??? Wow - you don't believe in burning a candle at both ends do you :) Obviously you are a LOT fitter than I am so all I can say from my experience that may make sense is - if you are not happy with how you did a stage, by all means repeat it lest it cloud the rest of your progress - us Runners tend to get a wee bit 'conscientious' at times however also - in the end though on both ends of continuum it comes down to enjoying the Journey rather than the 'rigid goal' ;)


You had a difficult run because you were tired! I don't think you need to repeat. I repeated a couple of weeks BUT it was because, at the time, my body really didn't feel ready to move on. I don't think that's the case with you - I think you just need to have a little rest and get some more sleep and then crack on with W4!


I agree don't repeat but definitely REST!


I seem to scrape by every week only just about managing to complete it, so it feels but I've always been ready for the next run when it comes.... Just about!! On 25 mins now so it does work even if it doesn't perhaps feel as accomplished and solid as I would like, I'll take it and move on.... Slowly!!


Rest up and then move on after you feel fully rested :)


Thanks guys!! I'll rest for a couple of days. Saying that I've clocked up 17,000 steps today.

RebeccaSKGraduate in reply to louisep76

You must be either a nurse or one of those people who works in a supermarket picking food for the home deliveries - I have a friend who does that and he walks a ridiculous number of steps a day too. By contrast, I have walked 1959 steps today - give yourself a pat on the back and try and give those poor legs a rest!

louisep76Graduate in reply to RebeccaSK

Lol! My day off. Two school runs, clean the house. Trip into town. Wander round supermarket. Work tomorrow for a rest.

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