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All I can say about this one is that it is done. I couldn't muster up much enthusiasm when I woke this morning despite the glorious sunshine but I dragged myself and a less than keen dog to the park.

The glorious sunshine had a bite and a sharp overnight frost had left some slippy surfaces but off I went on my shivering warm up.

The first 90 second run was fine and I wasnt too breathless in the recovery period but the first 3 minute run was difficult. I feel my pace was slower than it had been previously but I did finish. I then lost Lauras voice and restarted the podcast, skipping to where I assumes I was. I think my recovery walk may have been slightly longer (maybe 10-20 seconds longer) but this gave me the leverage I needed to finish the run. I have never been so glad to hear Laura tell me that it was time to slow down.

Looking at week 4, I reckon I may struggle.

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But you got out there and did it! It doesn't matter that you slowed down either, you need to pace yourself to do it and what you have done is fine. At least you didn't go off too fast and not finish it. Be proud, you got out there and did it. You will be fine with W4, just take it steady. x


Thanks for that. Now I am showered and have had breakfast I feel a bit better about myself.

And the worst that can happen is that I repeat a week. No biggy!!!:-)


Thanks kittykat. I hope you're right :-)


She is! Every run is getting you fitter but you just don't know it yet. You will soon. You will be amazed at the change in yourself. You have to stick with it though, no ducking out!

Happy running


Thank you. I hope to see it through.

Scratch that. I will see it through!!


As said already, just follow the plan, take your rest days. It's amazing how your body will start getting fitter. I really noticed how much stronger I was becoming after a few weeks. It's not always plain sailing. Nor is this plan a doddle. But if you stick to it, it DOES work. You CAN do it. You need to have faith in your ability. Lots of positive thinking!

Well done on even starting the programme. Keep at it! Enjoy the highs you get from the achievement of doing something fantastic for your body.


Thanks Rupert. Looking back, I now think I did ok.

Onwards and upwards. Rio 2016 awaits :-)


That's the spirit! We are all in this together. One for all and all for one sorta thing. LOL


Sometimes you will have runs where things don't go according to plan but, as is so often said, it's still a better run than you would have sitting on the couch. I'm sure you will be fine starting week 4, just go slow and steady. Good luck with W4 and best wishes.


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