W3R3 done!

Feeling chuffed. Extra days rest in between each run and even though Laura abandoned me halfway through the last 90 second run I managed to complete it on my own. Made me realise though how helpful Laura is in keeping you going... the last minute of the 3 minute run was hell! BUT I did it :) Looking at week 4 seems a little daunting but bring it on!

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  • Well done hilbean you'll be fine. trust Laura to get you there!

  • Thanks! Charging her batteries up as we speak!

  • well done. Feel proud you deserve it.

  • Thank you!

  • Great stuff , well done and just think how daunting this week was last week and you did it !! Next week - you'll do that too :)

  • Thanks! I hope so!

  • Yay, go you !!!! A third of the way, you can do this!!!!!

  • Thanks! Amazing how much better it sounds when you put it that way! :)

  • Well done, that's really good. I'm sure you will be fine with w4 !

  • Thanks! Have you started week 4 yet?

  • Just back from the first week 4 run - definitely a step up but you will be well prepared for it ! Good luck !

  • Well done! I was thinking it looked harder. But then again I've thought that with all of them so far ;)

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