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Week 5 Run 3


Emmm, well done the 20 min run in a fashion . After 18 mins need to take a comfort break or accidents would have happened! I then continued and did extra 2 mins run to make up the time I'd been stationary. It was a challenge and then to hear Jo say lots more long runs going forward. Personally don't feel comfortable to move on yet. Going to do run 3 again and see how I go lots of my concentration was being taken up on needing the Loo 😂. Have other people had similar thoughts and challenges?

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I understand the issue. Of course you don't need to answer this, but are you a female with a prolapse? You might like to get a referral to a gynaecologist - operations aren't always recommended for active people, but a pessary can help.

Paullyon in reply to Lauracorin

Em no I'm a make 😂

Lauracorin in reply to Paullyon

Oh well, probably not that then! My husband of a certain age might suggest just getting that checked out....

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