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week 5 run 3 shock!!!!


Hi, I've never posted before. I read lots though. I just wanted to get everyone's view of the clanger that is to me week 5 run 3, 20 mins!!!!! no stops? This doesn't seem right as week 5 run 2 is 2 x 8 mins run. Then all of a sudden a full 20 min run is thrown in there. How have people managed with this as I don't think I'm up to it?

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Yes you are :) Thousands.. yes, I mean thousands of folk have all done this run and it really is, just another run:)

The run got itself a bad name.. through some very, very scary posts... ( those scaremongers have long gone from the forum :)..It is different but is all about the discipline within our running and you can do it!

This running programme, is all about steady and structured build up and believe it, you are ready for this run.. The trick? is, you just just have to believe it and know you will do it..:)

Just take it really slowly and really steadily.... and believe me, there is always slower:)

When you go out, remember all who have gone before.. and if you are running Sunday.. I will be out there with you :)

27apples in reply to Oldfloss

Aww wow! Thank you!! I am not giving it a bad name it just seems a huge gear change to me. You're right though - its a mental thing rather than physical. I go to a gym and use a treadmill. Its fast becoming my new favourite place. I am committed and will give it a go! I'm running on Monday. I'll take it steady and prepare a long playlist for the expedition!!! Thank you for your fabulous words.


The programme aims to get you running for 30 minutes in 9 weeks, so at some point you are going to have to step up the length of the runs.

The programme works your cardio fitness, which improves your body's stamina and ability to sustain a run. That is done by getting your heart rate up and letting it slow down and getting it up again (run/walk), so you can sustain longer runs. All the interval walks in between are to get your leg muscles used to moving non-stop for long periods and allow your heart rate to return to normal before the next run.

When you ran for the second 8 minutes you had already run for 8 minutes and had been on the move for 13mins total. You still completed the next 8 minute run. If I stay up two hours later tonight, the second hour will be harder because of the first. Its accumulated tiredness.

When you start running, your body is suddenly jerked into action and your heart rate and breathing increase to get more oxygen to your body (you have been training your body to do this - Cardio). It takes about ten minutes for your body to relax into a rhythm and settle into a run. Your breathing, and heart rate settles. You will find that on the longer runs you can feel like a runner instead of clock watching.

27apples in reply to Whatsapp

This is good information thank you. I'll give it a go!!

WhatsappGraduate in reply to 27apples

Good on you. try not to build it up too much. Its just another run on the programme.

51mcGraduate in reply to Whatsapp

Interesting information, thank you. I will think of it when I do my first 25 min run on Sunday!


I felt the same way, but to my surprise the 20 minute run felt easier than the two 8 minute runs. I know, I don't get it either, but it works!

ickleguiGraduate in reply to MikeJones68

's what Whatsapp said - after about 10 minutes your body settles into the extra oxygen requirement for running. Search for "toxic 10".

With the stop-starting, you don't get to settle as much - so after W5R3, and then week 6, you start to realise that continuous runs are great, honest :D


@27apples - almost everyone thinks “yikes!” But what they don’t know about until they’ve cracked it (just like you will) is that there’s a huge sense of achievement and elation waiting for you at the end of that 20 mins!


Trust the programme, believe in yourself.

You will do it.


They have and you are!

Be a bit Zen, chill out, then go get it! 👍



the tag on my sports leggings says "argue your limitations and sure enough they are yours". You can go with that, or you can look at the numbers - you ran 16 minutes, now you're being asked to do 20. You've managed bigger jumps already in the programme :)


I just completed run 3 of week 5 today and yes I was scared ha ha but ..... I did it! Totally shocked and proud of myself! Good luck sure you’ll do great 👍🏻

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