Couch to 5K

Week 5 run 3

after finally falling asleep some time around 02;00am, i was awakened by the most horrific noise known to man, woman and child.

An Alarm Clock, i opened my wearer eyes and looked over to see it read 06;00am, i groaned why me. anyhow i got out of bed slowly dressed, picked up i-pod and headed out the door.

i switched on i-pod, pressed play and listen to the lovely laura tell me it run 3 of week 5.then to my horror i heard those words that sent a chill down my spine, (today we are going to run for 20 mins).

Was she serious, 20 mins, my nightmares we coming true.i had visions of me in a ambulance with an oxygen mask over my face.

slowly like in a trance i began my 5 minute warm up. then it began!

i knew i could do 8 mins running but 20, Never. but after 10 mins laura voice entered my ears to tell me i had run 10 mins. To my amazement i was still alive and still running.

i thought to myself i have made it this far perhaps i could do it, so i continued running along my usual route passed the park and after what seemed like an eternity the lovely laura spoke again, " Youre doing grate only 2 mins left, so with tired legs i carried on.

Finally the final 2 mins were up and laura returned to tell me i had ran 20 mins non-stop. i had done it, i could barely believe it. I had ran 20 mins.

i walked home like an all conquering hero, i had ran for 20 mins nothing was going to stop me now, well almost nothing as i reached my front gate i tripped over my big feet and landed on my backside. still with a big grin on my face. i got up and entered the house.

i come this far only a few more weeks before i graduate. i am looking forward to these weeks and cant wait to start week 6.

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Congratulations - it really is a sense of achievement isnt it? You made me laugh about tripping over but I am so glad that you still have a big grin on your face. happy running. :)


Well done, hard to believe isn't it. I did that run on Monday and still think it was a fluke!

Enjoy week 6, will be watching for your posts.......


Go you!! Well done and good luck with week 6.

Isn't this programme fab?!


Lol... it does seem like a fluke at the time, but in reality its a carefully planned program that sets you up for success not failure, with you supplying a healthy dose of motivation and determination to be sure!


Congratulations! You have convinced me that I can do it, even if I'm only at the end of week 2 - thank you so much! Isn't this the best? This forum is so supportive, encouraging, comforting.... you name it! Good luck with the rest of the runs!


Well done !


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