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Hi, I'm looking into doing this as I work from home and don't get out much, and I just feel like a hamster in a wheel if I use the treadmill at the gym. However I am very large (nearly 18stone) and would appreciate any advice from the larger (or formerly large!) members of the forum before I go headlong into this. Would you advise attempting to lose more weight first? I can walk, swim and crosstrain (and generally do low-impact stuff) for ages, but my knees aren't used to running and I'm worried as to how my bodyweight might affect them (yes, I will also be speaking to a doctor). I do at least have some nice flat routes nearby which is a bonus :) Thanks!


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  • Hi. I am a lot heavier than you, 20+ stone and have been debating wether to start this myself, I'm very unfit and thought it would be too hard given my weight but I just did my first run tonight and did a lot better than I thought. I managed all...

  • You should be fine as you already do some exercise

    Just remember the mantra slow is the way to go

    Good luck and let us know how you get on X

  • Hello and welcome! Get out there and start! You will surprise yourself with what you can do, you will have runs you struggle with and runs that are easy, you will be euphoric, you will ache, you will be challenged and you will achieve. Follow, and trust, in the programme and be amazed. Most of all remember the gremlins in your head don't exist.

    Good luck, enjoy yourself, and keep us updated.

  • Hi and welcome.

    If you can walk for half hour already you should be fine. If not start by building your walking at least three times a week before you begin the programme.

    If you have any concerns check with your GP before you start.

    Slow and steady at all times will do the job!

    Wear whatever is comfortable. The most important items to consider are good running shoes, and for women a good sports bra.

    Let us know how you are doing and good luck!

  • Brilliant to think of starting this.. you will get a lot of support..:) Check out my reply to euryleia :)

  • You will be absolutely fine I'm sure - just start slowly and listen to your body. Try to relax your body, lean forward into the run and wear some proper running shoes - that's vital! I have knackered knees, a weak ankle from having broken it when I was so much younger and too much weight around the middle! Make sure you are comfortable in whatever you're wearing, hydrate well before the run and take water with you to have little sips along the way as and when needed. Make sure you warm up before the run (and after) - I'm sure this is telling my grandmother to suck eggs so apologies if this is old hat!! If you start to huff and puff when you start, slow down and your breathing will become easier too (that was a major stumbling block when I tried to do this last year). I won't say what weight I am but it's too much so I'm sure you'll be fine (if I can do it - and I never ever thought I would, then you certainly can I'm sure but if you want to check with your GP first, then do that to put your mind at rest). As you are already working out, that will certainly be a benefit to the start of your new regime. I sometimes use the treadmill (when it's peeing down with rain as it was last night - that and my Apple watch isn't water-proof!) but prefer the great outdoors. Welcome to the family - we're all here to support you along the way x

  • Hi! Welcome to the forum! I estimate myself at around 17st, and I started the program almost 7 weeks ago. It'll be hard, you'll fight with yourself both mentally and physically, but it's worth it. You'll hear a lot from people to take it slow, but it's good advice, take it. You can do it!

  • Do it. I'm a 19 stone graduate and although some days my joints felt like glass that would shatter, it gets easier and things do eventually hurt less. I started by walking and when I could do 5kms in less than an hour I started the program.

    Go slow and steady and take your rest days, these are important. Walk, swim and stretch on those days but no running.

    Very best of luck and keep posting so we see your progress.

  • PS re the running gear. I recently bought some capri leggings and swing vests from simply be that are great and respectable to be seen out doors in. That was my biggest problem when I started. Finding something decent to wear!

  • Thanks for all the lovely replies :D I'm definitely feeling more inspired and will start it all on Monday. Where did everyone get their running shoes from?

  • Well done Newbie. My only advice is ... Do it! I'm on the chunky side and started the programme from a very low baseline - totally unfit. I am now able to keep going for 25 minutes and I'm training for my first 5k. The best thing I did was go for a fitting and invest in a really good sports bra as well as decent running shoes. Apart from that, all you need is a pair of comfortable leggings and a T shirt. Go for it Newbie - you'll be surprised.

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