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Newbie...Need motivation!!



I'm starting this tomorrow as I'm desperate to start enjoying exercise

I started with a personal trainer last year and really started to get into exercise and felt amazing about myself.....never ever ever thought that would be me. But work stress and family issues got in the way and I lost my mojo. I need to get back the energy I had and I keep motivated..... Any tips for making sure I don't quit when it gets hard would be very welcome!! Xx

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Welcome to the forum!

Keep checking in on here; we can help get you out the door if need be. And tell us how you're getting on, the highs and lows; we can help you celebrate, we can commiserate and help you if you have questions.

Most importantly, just get off the couch and get out there, it will be fun!!

Hiya, well done for deciding to do this. I will be starting on week4 tomorrow. I really am not a runner (I consider a cup of tea, my knitting and a slice of cake a triathlon). The support you get from this site is amazing, it has really kept me going. When I have felt that I cannot do it/cannot be bothered, they have 'shooshed' me along and kept me motivated, and if I stopped doing it I would feel all of their advice and best wishes would have been wasted. But, despite that, you have to do it for you and prove that you can do it. Sometimes it is hard, but the feeling of completing a session is amazing, you will have all the support you need here.

Oh and welcome and good luck xxx

Mollymoo60 in reply to WendyACJ

Tea, knitting and cake 🍰 = triathlon 🤣🤣


Well done for starting - slow but sure you will move forward and you have done it before - stay positive .. check in on here regularly whether a good or bad running day or to get some motivation when mojo hidding . I graduated today after 10 wks as missed a few runs when unwell and for me over 3 yrs since my last serious exercise - which like you I loved at the time but let it slip -

So many great people on here waiting to motivate , support , advise and congratulate you

Good luck for your restart tomorrow. Have a look around the forums for hints and tips in related posts - to the right of the page.

But keep coming here for help, motivation or a good talking to😀. I would suggest working out the best times for you to run and then diarising them. And when the motivation is low, just think how good you will feel at the end. Also gave your gear ready to go, so if your run is on return from work just get in, get changed and go without giving yourself the option to change your mind.

Five years on, I often spend the time on my way home thinking of of reasons why I can't/don't want to run but as soon as I'm home, I find myself getting changed without a seconds thought.


Stay on here...

Run, post, run again. Repeat.... and none of us can make you stay the course, only you can do that. But if you have successes tell us, if you have issues tell us. We'll do whatever we can to help and encourage you. But please don't predict the times when the going gets hard, it can be self fulfilling and self confidence is the big key. Good luck and happy running...


Good luck tomorrow 🍀 run and post and the support you will receive back is fantastic 😃 you will get everything you need

I am starting tomorrow to MossyBoots so will check in and see how you do 🙃

How did it go for you? X

Just putting my daughter to bed then I will do it 🙃

Go forth and smash it!! X

When I got your message saying run 1 done I knew I had no excuse, it was harder than I thought but feel chuffed! Yay we did it!!!!

See you Wednesday xx

I did it! Run 1 has been nailed. Was bloody hard tho... Much harder than I expected. Nearly have up and just walked after the half way point but pushed on.

Took a while to recover on the couch after I got back but feeling good now.

Roll on Wednesday for run 2.

Hope all you other Run 1-ers had a good start xx

Well done you! Just remember ... you NEVER regret going out for a run.

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