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Newbie with bad habits

Hi everyone! I found this app a while ago but I finally decided to try it out. I'm glad to see that there is a blog to go along with it.

I have horrible eating and exercising habits. I sit at a desk 10 hours a day. There is a corner store right next door, so I cave into any cravings I have. Usually a large soda and a king size chocolate bar. Lunch is almost always fast food. Then I go home at the end of the day, cook dinner, and sit on the couch and watch TV until bed time. It's bad, I know.

So last night I decided to make some changes. Gradual, of course. Don't think I could make all the changes I need to all at once. I started the Couch to 5K. I finished it without any major problem, but this morning my legs felt as heavy as lead. I should have expected that. I really want to keep up with this workout. I feel like I can do it. 3 times a week for 30 minutes, it's not scary. I just need to keep up the motivation. That's where I hope this blogging stuff comes in. Maybe if I blog every time I start a new week, it will hold me accountable.

So here goes week 1!

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You've done the hardest part and started, well done and welcome to the programme. One of the main things that stopped me from popping to the shops for food was to take a packed lunch to work. This takes no extra time or effort. All I do is cook more than I need for dinner each evening and put it in a box ready to take to work the next morning. I enjoy cooking each evening as a form of relaxation, others who don't, or don't have the time, often will spend a proportion of their Sat/Sun making meals for the whole week and boxing them in preparation. In addition to the main meal, I would have a snack ready for 11ish and one for around 4 - depending on how late I work. That way it made it easier to last until lunch and I didn't go in search of an unhealthy alternative. A good breakfast was a lot of help also. I now eat eggs and (fake) bacon from breakfast every morning. Sets me up really well.

It is really great you've started the running, in time you might come to enjoy it - it does get easier and actually becomes quite enjoyable. Honest.


Thanks for the advice. I usually do cook a little extra, but my husband takes it for his lunch. I'll start making some more this week. Breakfast is a problem for me. I'm not a morning person and make it out of the door with seconds to spare. I do have some of those Special K breakfast protein shakes. They taste pretty good, but they don't really fill me up. I'll have to look up some healthy snacks to have on hand.

Thanks again! I really appreciate it.


Well done to you for starting , keep at it I found the running gave me the motivation to eat healthier and I do feel much better , 4 weeks done and the lb's are coming off .

Like the other advice , good breakfast is great stoops me at the scone and butter at 11. I have quick omelette with bits and bobs chopped evening before , also fruit chopped in a box instead of letting it go to fruit flies!!!! Aldi do low calorie bar ,'benefit light ',there's apple or strawberry quick fix taste sweet but less than 70 cals. Evening dinner lean meat and loads a veg, roasted butternut squash , carrots, turnip num nummmmm

Keep going. 👌💪🏻😘

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Welcome to the forum. As you have already realised it is a fab place, lots of support and advice to help keep you going along with a dollop of humour and people who really appreciate what you are trying to achieve. Well done for getting off the couch, it will be one of the best things you ever do. Both the running and the forum are addictive - be warned. Just remember the forum mantra when it gets tough - slow down then slow down some more - it helps you through. Good luck and keep us posted :-)

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Welcome aboard , good to have you here !

A Massive Well done on making the decision to do this . Change is scary at the beginning, messy in the middle, but so so worth it in the end.

You have taken the hardest step in getting out of the door. Please keep at it ,because as you progress you'll find that you'll want to make healthy choices in other aspects of your life like your eating habits .

I would think nothing of eating lots of biscuits, cakes, sweets, chocolate everyday. Now, I have them very rarely . Its hard , and you've got to be determined but you feel so much better not putting all that sugar and fat into your body.

Good Luck and please keep posting so that we can support you along your way ! :-) xx

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Hi,well done for starting the c25k program. You're right its only 30 minutes each time with at least one rest day inbetween. Quite manageable.

Its great, it works and you will probably find yourself making healthier eating choices as you won't want to undo your good work.

Good luck and do keep posting for encouragement, advice and inspiration. There are people on here at all different stages all cheering you on.😊


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