Geriatric newbie!

Good morning all!

I'm about to start this running lark, having bought all of the kit yesterday.

2 questions:

It's grey, damp and miserable out there at the moment. Should I make sure I'm warm enough, and start with a lightweight jacket over my top, or should I assume I'm going to get warm, and just go out wearing a single layer? I don't really want to get hot halfway, and then have to strip off a layer and carry it round with me.

2nd question... I'm a 60+ female who is far more likely to listen to Mozart and Chopin than to hip-hop and Motown. Can anyone suggest a playlist that I might actually enjoy listening to? Maybe songs from the 60s or something? I have a feeling that, going by what I've sampled already, it might be the music that does my head in rather than the running!

Finally - the best bit of advice I've seen so far?... A week can take as long as necessary! I was worrying as to how I was going to get 3 runs into this 'week', given that I'm starting on a Wednesday, and have a busy weekend coming up. Bit obvious really, but reassuring to have it pointed out!

Thanks in advance.


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  • Hello

    Are you listening to the NHS C25k podcast or app, in which case you listen to the tuition as you are told what to do and when

    A lightweight run jacket is a boon to keep off the worst of the rain. You don't know how far you may have to walk to get home. They are so light you can tie it round your middle without noticing is there. They are very inexpensive

    You can run in the rain 🙂🏃‍♀️✔️

  • I tend to carry soft, hooded jacket for warm up and cool down walk, and any other time I feel I need it. For running time, I tie it around my waist.

  • Listen to misswobble , she has given you great advice... follow the programme and take it slow and steady...

    Welcome to this great forum and welcome to the slightly more seasoned club.. I am 67 :)x


    Rain is just wet :)

  • Following on from Misswobble I would add that a baseball cap style running hat is also a good idea - speaking from wonderful experience last Sunday! It means that even in the rain you can still see where you are going! :) Good luck.

  • true.. forgot that.. I love my cap!

  • Thanks all!

  • Hi JaneM21, welcome from one geriatric to another! I'm with you on the music front so I've put together my own selection from amazon prime music and listen to that whilst using the app rather than the podcast. I also use BBC IPlayer downloads as I often prefer listening to the spoken word rather than music.

    What I've learnt over the past 3 months (I've just finished week 7) is that age is no barrier to running, this forum is wonderful and very supportive and I feel privileged to be part of a group where age is truly just a number (sorry, I know the phrase is cheesy) and finally there is no such thing as failure, just practice runs. Finally, to mix metaphors 'stick with it and go for it'

  • Thanks so much. That's really helpful. ;)

  • I listen to radio 4 when I run! Keeps your mind off your tiredness

  • The 'music' does my head in, and I am in my 50s. I listen to audio books or Radio 4 Extra downloads on my runs.

  • I agree! I like audiobooks and there are some fantastic podcasts I am subscribed to - I'm ploughing through them now thanks to C25K - and it stops me clock-watching!

  • I often 'time' my runs using the books and downloads as I know many of them are 30-ish minute long. And downloads play through now on the BBCiplayer app, which means I can wait a few days and listen to several episodes of a serial at once. 😀

  • Hurrah for technology!

  • I hung onto every word of the podcasts for all those gems of wisdom which come back to me often when I am maybe in a slump 🙂

  • Good luck Jane..or well done if you have already been😊..

    Remember to stretch after your warm down walk while your muscles are still warm. Even this early in the plan it is good practise and will help with stiffness tomorrow.

    There are some links below on the pinned posts Nhs links to run correctly and stretch which you may be interested in.

    Oh and did I say, good luck..😊

  • Hi there

    I'm another one in the same category as you both age wise and in music tastes. I would be bored witless running to pop music. I've done a lot of long solitary walking and I find my podcasts invaluable - radio 4 dramas, The Archers, etc. I also download books free from my local library and those are great because you just keep listening and don't have to worry about podcasts coming to an end in the middle of a run.

    As for age, I started age 63 having never run before and I can now do my 5k easily although slowly.

    I get warm quickly but hate being cold on warm up walks. I don't mind rain but the cold gets to me. I have a lovely base layer from Rab company which is thin but warm and I've perfected the art of taking the sleeves off whilst running so I can just knot it round my neck without stopping!

    Happy running! I wish I'd started years ago!

  • I too get warm very quickly. I found last winter that I can cope with the chill better if I can keep my hands warm. So one of my sons bought me a lot of cheap knitted gloves that I can wear and still use my smart phone (99p a pair jobs). They worked well on cold, dry days. When I'm warm I rip them off and stick them inside my bra. Just need to find something for cold, wet days now.

  • Just saying hi and welcome!

    Can't really add to all the good advice already given.

    Take it slow and steady, trust in the program and you'll get there.

    Good luck and happy running ... Go for it!

  • I think you will warm up. Beetroot is the favourite colour. But I agree if you have a long walk home you may be chilly if you have a tendency to feel the cold.

    I need Laura telling me how long I have done etc and encouraging me, the music is secondary, it is also the right pace if not the right type of music, not sure I could run to a radio play!

  • Hi. I'm 54 and just finished week 2. I subscribe to Google play music..about 10 dollars a month...any music you want...make your own playlists..suggests music based on what you have liked previously. I have not used any cd s since i subscribed to this

  • Thanks! :)

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