Fat - where can I purchase large exercise clothing?

This is not a question I am proud of asking but I am struggling to find exercise clothing to fit my large frame. It would appear fat people don't exercise (hmmm...) but some do, like me, in an effort to get healthier (and thinner).

I've looked at the well known sports stores and the biggest they go up to is 16/18. I'm an 18/20. I looked at the mens stuff as they are usually bigger but they don't fit quite right.

I have also looked at stores that cater for larger ladies - Evans, Simply Be etc. and thier idea of exercise clothing is really more sitting-on-your-bum-clothes than anything really sporty and rather pricy.

Any suggestions I would be very grateful as my current running outfits are getting a tad worn out! (this is sort of an addition to my earlier question)


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18 Replies

  • I've had this problem as well and don't really like ordering clothes online. I dont understand the logic of sports shops stopping at smaller sizes and it's disheartening when you can't get your size. I had to settle for men's tops in the end as don't like tops that cling to all my bumpy and lumpy bits as I'm a size 20.

  • Same here -just some old m&s trackies and a few sports direct tops that are a bit snug. Got some nice regatta tops in millets and they were on sale. Asda has some running gear in stores upto big sizes but it's a bit hit and miss trying to grind them.

  • I think I like "grind them" :-)

  • That's find them!!!

  • Sainsbury!!! I have a great top from there. Bought size 18 Capri pants from both sports direct and decathalon.

  • In the summer I got a nice long sports top (covers my bum) and some capri pants in Sainsburys - they were available in sizes up to 20 at least. My local Sainsburys do not have any like them anymore, but it is quite a small store, there may be something at a larger store.

    On another note, I was looking on Amazon for a sports bra, I like Triumph bras (they seem to fit me best) and there were quite a few online, but not in larger cup sizes - why is that?

  • I got some size 18 lycra sports leggings that had plenty of stretch in them in Primarni. Cheap, (black so quite slimming lol) even have a little zip pocket at the base of your back and a reflective flash at the ankle. I bought them 3 weeks ago, they have a variety of styles and leg lengths. As for a bra, I have very large lady lumps and the cheap Asda sports bra just didn't cut it for me and gave me a lot of pain and discomfort. I took out a mortgage for a shock absorber (cup size G), but worth every penny. Enjoying the running - I'm only on week 3 but colleagues at work say my shape is changing already. Hurrah. Good luck finding something that feels right for you x

  • I just run in any old leggings as they are stretchy and comfy.

    I also like to glam it up wearing a mens XL T shirt!

    As Fattytumtum suggests buy a SHOCK ABSORBER sports bra. They are available online, Debenhams, DW Sports etc.

  • I third the recommendation of Shock Absorber bras - Excellent support and comfy - but pricey too!

  • Hi! I'm a shock absorber fan too (38hh, I could get them from simply be, & sometimes in the wonder bra outlet store Braintree) & started off wearing cycling shirts from decathlon (mens, long & useful pockets on the back) & some old lycra gym trousers then got some XL mens running tights (aldi then Karrimor from sports direct) as at 5'11" ladies stuff is generally not long enough; but now 3 1/2 stones lighter I am happy in size 16 Karrimor running tights (just as long as the mens) & a few of their tops & have tried the size 18 primark running vests; they are long but ride up, but help keep my girls in place so wear it tucked in to my tights!

  • Sainsburys had some smashing exercise clothing in this week, all larger sizes too.

  • I am happiest wearing Sainsbury's cotton leggings and Sainsbury's long sleeved cotton t shirts. I am not sure what the top end is but definitely come in 18/20.

  • I've bought quite a few things from Sainsburys. I think they go up to size 20 or 22. I love their trousers and capris which are designed to wick away moisture. I've got a couple of their vest tops too (with integral support) but tend to wear my 'mens' running tops from Sports Direct rather than these when I'm outdoors. I'm struggling to find a suitable running jacket though (Sports Direct never go up above size 16 in store and my shoulders are usually too broad for ladies' jackets so I want to try before I buy!). Tonight I had a very close encounter with a reversing vehicle so I'm desperate to buy a bright running jacket now. I'd also echo the sentiments regarding Shock Absorber bras. I couldn't run without one, but they don't have to be hugely expensive. I got one a couple of weeks ago from Amazon for £17. They typically seem to be around the £20 mark on there (I don't think that's expensive for such an essential and effective piece of kit). Good luck. Let us know if you find anywhere else that's good for those of us who are larger and want to get fit. :-)

  • Another buxom ShockAbsorber bra wearer here! Best fit and support ever - right through to huge sizes! And Sainsburys sports stuff definitely goes into sizes 20/22 .... Tops and bottoms - I started with the 18/20 sizes in Feb.... Now into 14/16 and medium running leggings :)

  • Well done you, excellent weight loss in such a short time. :)

  • Thanks everyone for your replies.Ok - so it looks like I will making a shopping trip to Sainsbury's, Primark, Asda and possibly online for Amazon looking at all your posts. Just on a side note I thought the Shock Absober Bra was a funny turn of phrase and had a giggle but on further reading is this an actual brand name? (If it isn't it should be!)

    Glad to know I'm not alone in this quest.

    I felt very self conscious when I first started c25k because of my size but I love it so much and I enjoy my runs good or bad (it's taking me a while to get that graduate badge but I'm plugging away) that I don't seem to care so much if anyone sees me shuffling along. I've not lost loads of weight (7lbs) but my body shape appears to be less lumpy and my calves are looking leaner - not sure how that works but I'm happy and I believe I'm an actual "runner".

    Thanks again and happy running!

  • this is a bit late, but have a look at "State of Mind" - they are +size "leisure wear". A bit pricey but the stuff is good quality and the tops I've got have extra layers to hold everything more tightly, so to speak! Next also do some sports gear in their usual wide range of sizes.

  • Thanks, I will have a look at this. I did end up finding some t-shirts from Sports Direct and Sainsbury's but I still need to find something decent for my bottom half.

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