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Hi all I'm new to this site, Just taken up jogging at the ripe old age of 60, finding it hard work as running never was my sport. At university I was into long distance walking and rock climbing, going to uni in Manchester I was well placed for the peak's and the lake's, also did the coast to coast, But the years have taken their toll, my thyroid went from being over active to being under active and my weight ballooned from 58 Kg to 95Kg.

So I've started couch to 5k. the girl on the pod cast is a torturer :)

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Hi Pocia!

I'm new here too, although I completed the program in 2012. It really does work.

Commit to the program, go slow, and repeat runs as you feel you need to.


But she loves us and wants us to succeed. Welcome to a great place. :)

There are a few of us, wonderful, young-old ones on here... take it slow and take it really steady.

Post your runs and get support and encouragement all the way to Graduation :)

your journey, at your pace...:)


Lots of us 'Ripe Oldies' on here Porcia. You're in good company! I read on a post somewhere on here today that "everyone had pictures of ambulances in their heads on that first 60 second run." It made me laugh like a drain as it was SO true for me. I could have cheerfully strangled darling Laura! But... she has become my friend, my confidante, my running guru :) Everything she says is true (nobody believes this to begin with) and now I trust her completely (although I do like to check with the fantastic people on here if I don't like what she's telling me). Welcome to the best forum of fatties, fitties, funnies and friendlies. It is the greatest place to hang out whilst doing C25K :)


Welcome!! Laura (assuming it is still Laura) is brilliant, you will learn to love her! The C25k programme is simply amazing, following it will change your life and be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Stretch, listen to Laura, go slowly, take your rest days and before you know it you'll be running for 30 minutes!

This forum is full of incredible, inspirational people so do use it for advice, encouragement and to let us celebrate your successes with you. :)


McFatty said it all very eloquently! Hello and great to have you here😀!


Welcome Porcia. Glad you have joined us here. Our Lovely Laura is not, however, a torturer - she is a wizard, and if you obey her every word you will be running for 30 minutes nonstop very, very soon. Gotta be magic!


Welcomes! You will soon see Laura as your new best friend!


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